Brooklyn Tweed: Umaro Throw

Over the past few years of knitting I’ve made a lot of things but this one is my favorite.

The pattern comes from Jared Flood, of Brooklyn Tweed, who I consider one of my biggest knitting inspirations.

Pattern:  Umaro
Yarn: Cascade Eco Wool (held double). It’s a very affordable choice for an afghan.
Ravelry Project

Was it hard?
-No. The BT directions are always so clearly written and thorough. I did find it a little tough work on this if I was somewhat distracted – That usually led to mistakes.  The skill level for this pattern is easy and any beginner knitter could do it.

Was it quick?
-Quick for an afghan, yes. But it does take time. The amount of time you spend on this project will be well worth it. It’s knit on a size 15 needle and the yarn was held double so you see progress very quickly which will keep you going.

I love afghans. They’re probably my most favorite thing to knit and to give. They’re so simple to knit – no shaping, no seaming, and you just weave in the ends when you’re done. Every couch should have a knitted afghan.

Yesterday was like Christmas in October because THIS showed up at my house…I can’t wait to swatch it up and start a biiiig project with it!

5 Comments on “Brooklyn Tweed: Umaro Throw

  1. I love throws! They are always so nice to have around the house. I think i need to learn how to make one of these, it’s so nice Kara!

  2. what store can i buy umaro knitting pattern?
    i find this to be one of the most beautiful patterns i have ever seen. i am always looking for a one solid color afghan.
    i enjoy making afghans for friends and charity. i would like to inspire warmth with this beautiful pattern.

      • thank you so much the problem is i do not have pay pal and wondered if there is a store that i could purchase the pattern from.
        if not i will need to learn about the pay pal. if there is a craft store in Canada that i can purchase the pattern i will be there first thing tomorrow!
        thank you for replying and take care

      • Hi Robin,

        I’m not sure where the patterns can be purchased locally. You could try contacting Brooklyn Tweed, the makers of the pattern. I bet they can tell you! Best of luck.

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