Finally Finished!

Nope, I haven’t finished Aidez yet..but I did finish Asunder!

I rushed my husband to snap a few pictures this morning before we left the house. It was freeeeeezing so we got as much as we could as fast as we could, so needless to say they’re not great and I didn’t set the camera settings right for him, but you get the idea!

Asunder is a beautiful and easy pattern, but it is long. When you get about 3/4 of the way through you’re working with almost 300 stitches for every single row, if that doesn’t sound like a lot – let me tell you, it feels like a lot. I was very ready to be done with knitting this at the end, but so glad I stuck it out because one of my favorite things about it is the size. The wingspan of this baby really lets you wrap right up in it like no other shawl I’ve made.

I’m still not entirely in love with my color choice, but I think the colors are versatile because I can wear this with green, gray, black, blue or even white. They’re also pretty casual colors, so I can wear it often!

11 Comments on “Finally Finished!

  1. I love the colour combo you chose! It’s bright and peppy but with the grey to ground it. I can’t believe all that snow!

  2. I think the colors are great! And you look a little cold in this snow, but you’re awfully cute, as always. Such a great size shawl- looks good on ya!

    • It is dropped garter stitch, super simple. Basically on row 1 you would wrap the yarn twice around every stitch, then row 2 you would knit only the first loop of every stitch and let the second fall off the needle. Here’s a tutorial with the wraps 4 times, but this pattern only called for 2 wraps.

  3. Kara, this is very pretty, but you do look like you are freezing in that first picture. It is SO pretty though! Here in NY we have almost a foot but it is so cozy inside!!

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