Cute as a Button!

It’s so nice reading all of the comments that have come in since yesterday. It’s nice to see so many thankful people. There is still plenty of time to comment to win a Starbucks Giftcard!

I am thankful for countless things (read that everything) in my life. So many to even name but one of the many is my friends.  I am really looking forward to this weekend and for my dear friend Alison’s baby shower.

Hopefully she won’t be checking the blog between now and tomorrow morning, but I just had to share…more it in its entirety next week..

‘Cute as a button.



7 Comments on “Cute as a Button!

  1. Kara, I can’t tell what you made, but the buttons are so cute. Cannot wait for tomorrow’s shower.

  2. I have a feeling she will check it… But I have to say, Aly, I think you’re pretty cute, too! Have a wonderful shower! :)

  3. I have just discovered your blog, it’s one of the nicest knitting blogs I have come across!! Love all the well taken photos! Smiles from Sunny South Africa :)

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