Thrifty Thursday

We built our house 11 years ago.  Three boys later it is showing some wear and tear.  I have been updating trim paint and trying to organize the rooms we have.  It is a labor of love.  Our mudroom has been my latest project and it is almost done.  There are 8 doors to paint (three coats, both sides.  A lot of paint)  I am replacing lighting as well.  One was hit with a baseball from child unknown…

I found this beautiful Jefferson light from Rejuvenation.  It is craftsman retro schoolhouse lighting.  And it cost $160.  I need three lights = too much!


Lowes to the rescue!  I found the very same(ish) Allen + Roth light at Lowes for $45..  = much better!


I love a bargain.

Paint color is Benjamin Moore Gray – Hazy Skies Trim –  Powder Sand

5 Comments on “Thrifty Thursday

  1. That’s a beautiful lamp. They both look very similar, and love the price of the Allen + Roth one. Can’t beat that :-)

  2. Remember all the bargain racks from years ago? Looks like you learned it well! Looks really great, Kev and Kate!

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