Back to Regularly Scheduled Knitting

Now that the rush of Christmas knitting is over (all of which was a big success), it’s back to the projects I was working on before mid-November.  One of which, is very very close to being done!  Just another inch or two of ribbing and the sleeves left to finish! Here’s to hoping it’s not too big!



8 Comments on “Back to Regularly Scheduled Knitting

  1. Lovely! I have a hard time with knitting. Crochet comes naturally but when knitting I am all thumbs. Someday I may be able to create a sweater as beautiful as yours.

  2. Lovely stripey top – I saw something similar somewhere called ‘A Paris Knit’. What do you call this one? I like it.

  3. You ARE lucky, you two, to be so close in all things – and I mean that geographically, as well! Of the five of us, two of my sisters are dead, and the other two are in different States. As well, neither is interested in knitting (or crochet). So … better stop whingeing: it isn’t appealing. I look forward to reading the whole blog.

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