WIP: Purl Soho – Laura’s Loop: Colorblock Bias Blanket

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 9.15.16 AM

Photo by purl soho


As soon as I saw this Purl Soho – Laura’s Loop Colorblock Bias Blanket I wanted to start knitting it.  Simple and elegant.  I knew it would really showcase some of our Nice and Knit yarns in garter stitch.  I am knitting this for my son Darren (he does not know that). My only boy that begs for something hand-knit.  A sweater will not do though, he is a hot box, and i’m afraid he would never wear it.  Every morning he wraps up in a blanket while he rubs the sleep from his eyes.  I know he will use this daily.

I started with Harpoon colorway in DK.  I am going to add in Cape Cod, Driftwood, Barnacle & Seagrass.



Darren’s 8th birthday is in June.  I need to get cranking.


11 Comments on “WIP: Purl Soho – Laura’s Loop: Colorblock Bias Blanket

  1. Love the blanket and the colors! Would you recommend it as a project for a beginning knitter?

    • Absolutely! It would be perfect for beginners! They always have great directions with plenty of photos also! A great baby blanket too.

  2. Sooooo pretty! Those colors are right in my sweet spot. I can’t wait to see how it turns out :) How much are you using of each?

  3. It will be a birthday present he will treasure for years!

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