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WIP Whoopsy Daisy

I’ve been working on a really enjoyable (and free) pattern from Berroco called the Lace and Cables Capelet. I’m going to go out on a limb and recommend the pattern before I even finish it. It’s a really quick knit because of the size yarn and needles, however it might be a bit before I’m […]

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Cozy Cowl

It’s no secret that as the youngest in my family, I am spoiled. And as I approach another birthday, this year has been no exception. Friday night my sisters held a little birthday bash in my honor and my sister Betsy made a two hand knit gifts that I just have to share with you.  […]

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DIY: A Dresser for Brooklyn

I can’t believe it’s coming up on a year since we moved into our new house.  While the house we bought was relatively new, it needed new paint, new carpet, new tile, refinishing of the floors and a lot of cleaning. Some of it we tackled ourselves and some we left to the experts but […]

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Botanic Hat Complete

I hit a small slump once my Christmas knitting was done. The only projects on my needles were stale projects that I wasn’t overly motivated to finish. That was until last week, and then in the past week I have cast on for 4 new projects. I’m really excited to work on each of them. […]

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Knitting Bag

I recently posted this picture on instagram. It’s the current state of my knitting bag Turns out if you let your toddler play with your knitting, it’s likely to turn into a tangled mess, but it left me thinking that I hadn’t shared my newest knitting bag with you and it’s a good one, so […]

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Happy New Year

This post has been on my mind for a few days (weeks?) now and feel pretty lame about that fact that I am only posting it now.  First, I want to say Happy New Year! I love the beginning of a new year. I am always filled with a renewed passion for various things in […]

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A Hat for Matt

It’s winter here in New England which typically means lots of snow. Since we’re also new home owners my husband “treated” himself to a new snowblower — it sure beats shoveling.  We’ve had just a few snowstorms so far and just about every time he walks out the door to clear the snow he says […]

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Back to Regularly Scheduled Knitting

Now that the rush of Christmas knitting is over (all of which was a big success), it’s back to the projects I was working on before mid-November.  One of which, is very very close to being done!  Just another inch or two of ribbing and the sleeves left to finish! Here’s to hoping it’s not […]

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I Couldn’t Wait

Brooklyn and I just had a mini photoshoot before I put this hat into the mail for a random Christmas Gift for a little cutie patootie.  I could not wait to share them with you so immediately following taking the pictures I plugged the camera into the computer to share! I love this girl. I […]

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Temperate Set

I know I already shared my version of the Temperate Hat and Katie shared her’s on Wednesday, but I wanted to share the mitts too, because I finally finished them and today both the hat and mitt set are being gifted to someone special! A really lovely pattern set that I highly recommend!   Yarn: […]

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