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Color Profile: Salt Marsh

In keeping with our nautically-themed color names for our yarns, we’ve dyed up a very springy goldish-green called ‘Salt Marsh’. Today, we’ll do a little color profile that includes the inspiration for the name, a project in process, and some great color pairings. And keep on reading, because there is some more good news to […]

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Sunday Peach

Just call me Susie, as in Susie Homemaker. I spent this past Sunday in a hot, steamy, sticky kitchen canning fresh peaches — I’m so domestic. I haven’t ever canned anything before, but with a little help from Google, I found this article that made it seem easy enough so I figured I’d give it […]

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Black Bean Burgers

We’ve always been called the Ryan Girls, easier than remembering all five names.  We started a 8 week healthy eating diet challenge together with our Mom.  So far its great – but we started Monday!  We are trying all new ways to fill our bellies for the least amount of calories. I found a great […]

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Betty & Me

I was feeling domestic this morning, and decided to flip through some of my cookbooks. I thought some fresh baked bread would do wonders to these dreary rainy days.  I found this 1950 Betty Crocker cookbook that was my great Aunts.  In the back of the cookbook are pages of great sayings and  tips for […]

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Christmas Treats

I am enjoying the festivities of this beautiful season.  Kevin and I spent a few days in NYC with my siblings and parents this past weekend, Ill be sharing some photos of that soon.  It is a fun place to be with all of the hustle and bustle, lights and shopping. ‘Tis the season for […]

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Progress & A Recipe

My Nice & Knit-along progress had slowed for about a week, but this past weekend I was able to make significant steps toward finishing!  I have officially finished and bound off the back, now I’m onto the left front panel and it’s going really quick.  I have new energy to get it done! I’ll admit […]

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Salad Dressing Recipe

We found a new favorite salad Dressing.  A little zip, but sweet and light.  Delicious. We have some exciting news to share tomorrow (NO, I am not having a baby also ;)

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A Little Nuts for Coconut Lime Cake

This is one of my favorite recipes in my collection and my “go-to” dessert for special occasions. This time the special occasion was just a loving look from my husband and the words “Wanna make that lime cake?”  I know, I spoil him – I learned how to do this from my mother who has […]

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Garden Lettuce

My favorite vegetable to grow, eat, and photograph.

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Spicy Black Bean Burgers

Spicy Black Bean burgers have become one of our favorites. I would make them for myself for dinner during Matt’s busy season at work and they were a perfect meal for one. After perfecting the toppings and order of operations for burger assembly, I convinced Matt to try one and they’ve now become the perfect […]

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