Carpino Summer Sweater Knit Along

Our Summer Sweater Knit Along is underway!  You still have plenty of time to cast on!  I chose to knit Carpino by Carole Feller which is part of Brooklyn Tweeds Wool People Vol. 6.  It is a originally a three quarter sleeved sweater knit in fingering weight yarn.  I am going to make it a short sleeved sweater knit in Nice and Knits Sock yarn.  (Yes!  Sock yarn.  We will have some available soon and will make an announcement with a shop update in the near future!)


Of course being a Carole Feller pattern – it’s great!  I am really enjoying the lace pattern which is so easy to keep track of rows and I immediately know when there is an error which is a real bonus with lace knitting.  I have not knit anything on a size 4 needle in a long time, but there is such a rewarding feeling in those tiny beautiful stitches.


I woke up at 2 am and couldn’t sleep last night so I knit for a few hours in the early morning, I was able to make a lot of progress – annnnd I did cheat and cast on a few days early.  I know I’m bad.


How are your projects coming?  Share your progress on the Summer Sweater Knit Along forum.  Hashtag #sskal on instagram to see everyones great photos!

Let’s Start Those Summer Sweaters!

Let’s officially kick off our summer sweaters knit along. CAST ON! Make sure you share your progress with us using the hashtag #sskal and of course #niceandknit, too!

In honor of the knit along I’ll share a summer sweater I finished about a week ago and got around to blocking this weekend. The pattern is called Mousaillon.  It was a quick knit, it took me about a week and that was between working full time and chasing a toddler. I’m happy with the result. This will be a good sweater to add to my closet for grab-and-go purposes!  I knit this in Nice & Knit Worsted in the Lobster Pot Colorway (one of my favorites).



For the knit along, I’ll be casting on for Whispers. I have a pretty crazy work week so I don’t expect too much progress this week but will keep you posted!


SSKAL Inspiration

I’ve been searching Ravelry for just the right pattern to pick for our Summer Sweaters Knit Along.  I haven’t officially selected my choice yet, but thought I would share the contenders and in Nice & Knit Colorway I’m considering!  Don’t forget to sign up in the Ravelry Forum.  As you can see, we have a pretty loose definition of “sweater” so pick out just about any tee or top you like and we’ll call it a sweater!

Crown Tee: Color Idea: Cape Cod

Driftwood:  Color idea: Driftwood (duh)

Grace Kelly Lace Sleeve Pullover:  Color Idea: Wellfleet

Togue Pond: Color Idea: Barnacle

Whispers:  Color idea: Harpoon


Sherry: Color Idea: Cape Cod

Condo Sweater: Color Idea: Seagrass

Summer Sweater 2014 Knit Along!

Lets Knit Together!

Screen Shot 2014-06-09 at 9.28.35 AM

Whispers by Veera Välimäki

Its a beautiful time of year and most of my time is spent outside.  I need some motivation to whip up a great summer sweater.   I know a knit along is just the thing to get me knitting quickly!  We will have 6 weeks to knit so that we can wear our sweaters this summer!


June 15


July 30 with awesome giveaways!


Find us under the Nice & Knit Summer Sweater Knit Along Ravelry Group – Let us know what pattern and yarn you chose for your summer sweater!  Once you comment and post your project you will be entered into the group and entered into our knit along giveaways.


On Ravelry at Nice & Knit Along Ravelry Group

Here on the blog – we will post our progress and yours!

We will also be posting updates on Instagram @niceandknit – follow along with photos & projects using hashtag #SSKAL.


And most importantly!  We will be giving away a few $50.  gift cards to our Nice & Knit Yarn Etsy Shop and fabulous Nice & Knit T-shirts!  So get those projects picked and ready to knit!  Let us know what you are thinking and knitting at Nice and Knit Summer Sweater Knit Along Ravelry Group.  

Your project can be in the process now – and it does not have to be totally complete in 6 weeks to win either!  We’re easy!

Tomorrow we will post some of our favorite sweater ideas – what are your favorites?

Giveaway Winner & Get Ready!

Thanks so much for all of your kind words, comments and project inspiration!

Our winner is Nikki who said

“I would love to knit myself a sweater for myself in this color, maybe with charcoal or dark purple stripes! Thank you for the giveaway :)”

Congratulations Nikki, these pretty little pink skeins now belong to you! Send us an email at niceandknit[at] with your address info and we’ll get them in the mail to you!


Get Ready!

Knit Along will be announced Monday! Start searching and adding favorites on Ravelry!

Perfect Pink Giveaway

This week is half over, lets celebrate.  Kara and I dyed this perfect pink a few weeks back.  Although it’s just right, we are not going to repeat this color way since it is so close to our Peony and Brooklyn colors.

We want one of you to have it, knit something great and share some photos with us when you have completed your project.  What do you want to knit with our Nice & Knit Perfect Pink DK weight yarn?  We are giving away three full skeins, so dream away.  Leave a comment to enter – it’s that easy!



Dinner Party

We had a dinner party a few weeks ago.  I wanted to hang some flower arrangements from our basement ceiling (which is black) to add some charm to the decor.  I was not sure how to hang a flower arrangement without water issues ( leaking foam on peoples plates etc ) Instead I  thought of taking hanging flowering baskets and wrapping the plastic containers with gray fabric.  The flowers last all summer this way and can be enjoyed for months to come.


The flowers last all summer this way and can be enjoyed for months to come.


We would love to do a summer knit-along with all of you and will be announcing our kickoff soon!  Any ideas on what you would like to knit?



Garden Tour 2

Katie posted her garden last week so I thought I’d share mine too. This year we’ve put countless hours (and dollars) into making them happen. But they make me verrrryyy happy and have made for a great family project for us to work on together.  The backyard still needs quite a bit of work, but we’ll get to it when we have time. For now here’s a tour of my front yard & new raised garden beds!


And my little garden “helper” who absolutely loves to dig in the dirt, play with worms, and make mud pies. Definitely takes after her mama!


My other helper, my husband, helped me make some pretty sweet raised garden beds. For some reason, in my mind,  having the garden beds raised is going to make weeding and maintaining them easier….we’ll see!  But it was a really inexpensive option and I found this great tutorial on pinterest which I highly recommend. It took us awhile to complete them but not too difficult!  We’re growing tomatoes, onions, peppers (sweet and spicy) brussels sprouts, green beans, fennel, yellow squash, zucchini, and rhubarb! Everything is growing nicely and so far – no weeds. I’m totally going to stay on top of them this year!

I wanna take a quick vote though: Tomato Stakes or Tomato cages? I’ve done both and I’m not sure which is better. Any great tips you want to share? All I know is that I don’t want the tomatoes going sideways on me!

And then, what little I do have in our back yard, are in planters rather than the ground but I do love to grow fresh herbs so I have a row of potted herbs sitting on the patio wall.  We have rosemary, thyme, mint, parsley, dill and basil!

While I’m not gardening, I’m still making time for knitting!  I have 3 projects on the needles and about 3 more I want to and plan to cast on.  It’s very motivating to get some finished objects to share!

First, I’m working on the Purl Soho Golf Club Covers for Matt for Father’s Day. I plan to make all 3 sizes, but ribbing on double pointed needles has to be one of my least favorite things.  Next one I make I am going to add 1 stitch and knit the ribbing flat and them seam it before knitting the head on double pointed needles. I think it’ll go much faster and be much more enjoyable for me to knit.

I also cast on a quick cardi called Mousaillon. If you plan on knitting this, read the comments from other finished objects. I found the directions to be poorly worded, and well — kind of wrong in my opinion but I love how it’s turning out and it IS a very easy pattern if you can figure out what the directions are trying to say. I think I’ll have this one done very quickly.  Nice & Knit Worsted and garter stitch are meant to be together. I’m in love.

Ruth’s Tee in Progress


I was making such great progress on my Bias Blanket by Purl Soho, and then last night I couldn’t resist casting on another project.  I have an issue with doing that!  I try to stay completely focused and then I get the itch to start something new.  This has become increasingly dangerous with our own line of yarns at our fingertips (literally).

So last night at 9:00 I cast on my Ruth’s Tee by Rachel Ivy Clark in Nice and Knit Sock Yarn – Driftwood color way.  This will be the perfect summer t-shirt.  I realized that it has been awhile since I have knit anything on a size 3 or 4.  I would like to have this completed by the end of June so I need to keep right at it!





Kara gave me this Knitters Pride magnetic Pattern board for my birthday.  Its fantastic!  I highly recommend it for keeping track of your rows and keeping the pattern neat and orderly.  I cut the graph out of the last page and this works perfect sitting beside me while I knit in my chair.  You can find this locally at Creative Fibers in Windsor, or online here.



Have an absolutely wonderful weekend!

This Morning.

The sun is shining and that makes everything seem just right with the World,  especially when walking among the beautiful flowers and dewy grass.  My day always goes better when I take a minute to go outside and breathe it all in.  Kevin and I finished planting this weekend, now the weeding begins!  Stroll through my gardens with me!



I have never planted red flowers in my front yard, and I even almost regretted it.  But now I am in love. I wanted something different this year with a Cape Cod feel.  In the backyard I reverted to my bright pinks and I am equally as happy with that.











I’m also making good progress on my Bias Blanket – Pattern by Purl Soho   Knit in Nice and Knit DK on size 7 needles.  

The pattern is just right for this time of year.  I’ve been knitting at the dentist and in the car while waiting for my boys at baseball.  A take everywhere knit.



Harpoon, Cape Cod, and Seagrass



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