Sometimes I sew.

Sometimes I sew. Not very well, but I sew. Since we moved into our house I have been looking for just the right fabric for some cafe curtains in my kitchen. I made multiple trips to the fabric store and on 3 different occasions I ended up settling on some fabric I didn’t totally love but thought “eh, it’ll be fine.” The fact is, it never was fine and the end result fell very flat. I had an image in my head but couldn’t ever find the right material to make it a reality.

It wasn’t until Katie went to Homegoods and found a tablecloth that she loved and turned it into roman shades (post coming) that I thought maybe I could go that route too and find a tablecloth for the fabric instead. Good old Homegoods never fails me. I found the perfect tablecloth to turn into cafe curtains and they even had matching napkins so I could coordinate a whole table setting. I bought 3 tablecloths two of them were 60×120 and one was 60×80. I really only needed about 1 and 1/2 of them which means that for $35 I could make 5 curtains!

Like I said, I don’t sew very well so I have a few to fix (they’re a little crooked) but I’m thrilled with the results.



WIP: Purl Soho – Laura’s Loop: Colorblock Bias Blanket

Screen Shot 2014-05-21 at 9.15.16 AM

Photo by purl soho


As soon as I saw this Purl Soho – Laura’s Loop Colorblock Bias Blanket I wanted to start knitting it.  Simple and elegant.  I knew it would really showcase some of our Nice and Knit yarns in garter stitch.  I am knitting this for my son Darren (he does not know that). My only boy that begs for something hand-knit.  A sweater will not do though, he is a hot box, and i’m afraid he would never wear it.  Every morning he wraps up in a blanket while he rubs the sleep from his eyes.  I know he will use this daily.

I started with Harpoon colorway in DK.  I am going to add in Cape Cod, Driftwood, Barnacle & Seagrass.



Darren’s 8th birthday is in June.  I need to get cranking.


Disappearing Act

I’m sorry if it seems we’ve disappeared on you, we haven’t! A few key items on our schedules have been past so we’ll have a bit more time to dedicate to you and this blog. I have no idea where the month of May is going, but it seems to be whizzing by at breakneck speeds. Slow down, time!

We started the month with a really successful Nice & Knit Trunk show and we are absolutely thrilled with how it went, and what’s even better is that we got to meet some new friends in the process! It’s so fun to get to meet our readers and fellow knitters face-to-face!  Of course we took some pictures to share.  If you didn’t make it out on Saturday but still want to check out the yarn — go on into Knit Two-Gether to check out the Nice & Knit display, she’s all stocked up and ready for you!


A special thanks to shop owner, Nancy, who was a gracious host for the day!

Pull Gaspard


This knit was a lot of fun, but it might have had something to do with the fact that I knit it pool-side while vacationing in Aruba!

192A0886  192A0891

The pattern is called Pull Gaspard and you can find it here on Ravelry. I knit this in our Nice & Knit DK in the Brooklyn colorway, which is very fitting since this knit will be for Miss Brooklyn when she is 24 months old! Yikes.


The construction of this sweater made it a really interesting, starting at the front bottom and working up to the shoulders and then down the back.  The sleeves were then picked up and knit flat with short rows for the shaping. It worked great and I would definitely knit this again. Maybe next time I will turn the sailor collar into a hood!



I almost gave it away. I tried – multiple times. I sent picture messages to friends and family asking if they wanted this piece of furniture. My exact words might have been ” I don’t need it, want it or have anywhere to put it.” Liar! I just didn’t recognize how awesome this piece of furniture could look once painted, chuck full of yarn and tucked into the corner in my office.

I’ve always had a problem with my knitting projects spilling into every room in our house, but since we’ve started dyeing yarn it seems that both the yarn and knitting projects are everywhere. While my husband is a very patient man, I know he would appreciate if I was a tad more organized. I’m workin’ on it, starting with this DIY cabinet revamp which left me feeling relieved no family member or friend took me up on the offer to take this piece!





I used STIX for a primer, which I would highly recommend. Sure beats sanding and sanding some more!





Crochet Lovin’.

I got an email from a friend, and super mama of 4, who gave our Nice & Knit yarn a whirl for crochet vest she wanted to make…..

LOOK! Isn’t it beautiful??  This makes me want to crochet again!


I’m realizing one of the unexpected (but also one of the most awesome) results to launching our own hand-dyed yarn is that I can feel like we’re some how a part of all of these finished objects I get to see popping up on Ravelry. It’s an amazing feeling and what spectacular work you all do!

This project features our worsted weight yarn in the colorway Lobster Pot one of my favorites!

Great job, Carla!

Trunk Show Tomorrow!

Don’t you wanna just hug and squish and squeeze some Nice & Knit yarn?


knitting (8 of 96)


Come see us tomorrow and you can do all the squishing you want!  We’ll be at Knit Two-gether in Vernon, CT from 11-4. See you there!

Let’s Meet!

Nice & Knit Trunk Show

When: Saturday May 3, 2014 from 11:00 AM – 4:00 PM
Where: Knit Two-Gether, Vernon, CT
What: Come see our full line of Nice & Knit Yarns along with an assortment of finished projects including our very own Maritime Cowl. We’ll have copies of the pattern available along with the cowl kits too. Come and pick out a gift for mom or  just say ‘Hi’! We’d love to meet you, talk about our yarn, show off some of our finished knits, help you pick out your next project, or just sit and knit together.

Stop by to enter our giveaway, too! We’ll be giving away a Maritime Cowl Kit which includes 2 skeins of Nice & Knit DK and the cowl pattern!  Hope to see you there!

Maritime Cowl Kits Available

I could spend hours creating different color combinations of our yarns, most of which have been inspired by the Maritime Cowl pattern we released yesterday. The possibilities are almost endless and just when I think I have found my all-time favorite, a new one catches my eye. Over the past few weeks while Katie was putting the final touches on the pattern, I’ve been knitting up swatches which we’ve turned into kits for you! The kit includes 2 skeins of Nice & Knit DK in coordinating colors and a hard copy of the printed pattern! Kits are available for purchase on Etsy and will be shipping soon!

Maritime Cowl Kits Now Available – Shop Now!

Pattern Release: Maritime Cowl

It’s still Monday, right? We promised the pattern would be released today and alas we didn’t fail – just cut it a little close!

The Maritime Cowl is available for download on Ravelry, and then head on over to our Etsy shop to grab yourself 2 skeins of DK in your favorite color combo to get started on this knit right away.  I love this pattern and truly think it’s a perfect to wear year-round, and let’s face it – you can’t say that about all of your knits!

Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 8.03.51 PMbuy-now

The original pattern by Katie was knit in Anchor and Driftwood and while it is just the perfect color combination we do have some other ideas we’ll be sharing tomorrow, too!  Enjoy!




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