Noro on the Needles

I realized the other day while trying to warm my freezing fingers that I do not have one pair of completed hand knit mittens, gloves or fingerless mitts!  I cast on this weekend to remedy that.

I have never knit with Noro, and thought I would give it a try.  I love the color combo of this Silk Garden aqua/grey/green colorway.

The Campout Fingerless Mitts pattern by tante ehm are just what I had in mind.  These fingerless mitts are worked in two directions. The hand portion is worked flat in garter stitch. Then the stitches are picked up and worked in rounds for the thumb and wrist.  I am looking forward to this fast fun knit!

Have you ever worked with Noro Silk Garden?


Did you see that Brooklyn Tweed has released Wool People 2 this week? If you didn’t see it, you need to check it out.

I know I’ve already told you this – I find Jared Flood’s work so inspiring, but do you ever find yourself so inspired that you end up feeling overwhelmed?  Overwhelmed, wishing you had more hours in the day to knit, more days in a week to finish a project and more months in a year to make all the things you fall in love with? Overwhelmed because you haven’t even started a single project from Brooklyn Tweed’s original Wool People and you were planning to make, like, allllll of them? That’s how I’m feeling. I’m glad it’s Friday because maybe I can make some progress this weekend.

Here are just a few gems I’ve favorited on Ravelry recently

Here are the links in order (from left to right)
Row 1

Vine Lace Caplet
Row 2
Garter Rib Baby Blanket

Have you friended us on Ravelry yet?  We hope you do! It’s really easy to find us – just use the buttons over there on the top left. See?

Aprés Vest

Last week I posted my new project that I began in Vermont.  Happily, I completed it this morning.

Aprés Vest by Olga Buraya-Kefelian

I chose to knit my vest with Madelinetosh Chunky (Silver Fox).  This is the first time I’ve used the Chunky and I am very happy with the outcome.This vest is knit in the round from the bottom up, so there are minimal seams.  Really, only the shoulder seams which are completed with a 3 needle bind off.  I chose to omit the waist shaping, which I am very glad that I did as I think the fit is just right – and smaller would not have been good!

The Apres Vest is created using size 7 and 10.5 needles combined with increases and decreases for the textured pattern.

So, Darren took these photos for me this morning.  A five year old does not last long clicking away, so hopefully Kara can take some proper photos for me one day soon!

The pattern is well written and easy to follow, a recommended knit.  I have knit one other pattern of Olgas, the Sabi Hat, which I was equally pleased with!  I have my eye on a few more of her great designs.

Off the Needles

Highlighting stripe study again today, only this time it’s off the needles – and no, it’s not because I finished it already.

The more I worked with these two colors the more I felt like I was making official fan gear for the San Diego Chargers. Not really the look I was going for and definitely not the right team. I couldn’t stand the thought of putting all the hours into something I wasn’t falling in love with. I knew I’d never wear it when I got done with it — so why was I making it? I don’t know. Not to worry, the Candlestick Madelinetosh will find it’s way into another project someday but today is not the day.  It’s been traded in for a lovely skein of Madelinetosh Charcoal.

Ahhh much better. Stripe Study is back on the needles.

Also getting a little attention is Versio.

This is a project that is likely to stay on the needles for awhile because it’s a lace weight sweater done in all stockinette. I’m picturing wearing it on a warm summer night so maybe I’ll have it done by then!


Beth Kling released her fabulous pattern Henslowe in December.  Kara and I have each knit it twice! We love it!  The construction is brilliant, fun to knit and the results are stunning.  Kara said that she is fitting her wardrobe around the shawl so she can wear it as much as possible!  We each knit one for a Christmas gift and kept one for ourselves.  I admit, I’ve cast on a third!

Here are Kara’s finished Henslowes.

Madelinetosh Sock in ByzantineMatthew took these photos and did a great job!

Matthew’s Grandmother was the recipient of this Henslowe in Madelinetosh Rosewood.

I also chose Madelinetosh for my first Henslowe (tern).  My sister Betsy received this from our family’s yankee swap.

My first finished object of 2012!  I chose Malabrigo Sock in Velvet Grapes colorway.  I am so pleased with the yarn!  I will use it again, for sure.

I contacted designer Beth Kling on Ravelry when I was waiting for the pattern to be released.  Beth was very helpful and friendly.  Thanks Beth, for such an awesome pattern!

On the Needles

I cast on a few new projects over the past few days.  It’s so tempting to do when they’re not on the same size needles. Here is Stripe Study, a very popular pattern available on Ravelry.

I think it’ll end up being a quick project as long as I don’t get too distracted with the other projects on the needles.

I have to admit that I am seriously second guessing my color choices. But after checking out some FOs on Ravelry that also featured a similar yellow I think I’m going to keep rolling with it!

A Knitting Getaway

We had a beautiful week in Vermont.  It was extended by a snowstorm which kept us from traveling home.  It also kept me from posting yesterday!  We spent a lot of time knitting and enjoying our family.

There is a great yarn shop down the road from the resort Kaleidoscope Yarns.

We had a great time picking out some new projects.  Betsy even picked out a couple first projects.  Colleen taught her how to do the knit stitch, and she is off and knitting!

Kaleidoscope is a beautiful Shop stuffed with great projects and beautiful yarn.

Some color work mittens are in my immediate future.

Webs Yarn Store was also on the way home.  We stopped there for a short break.  I had only 10 minutes, but as it turns out, that was all I needed to find some great Madelinetosh.  Of course.


When I first started knitting I was inspired by browsing patterns. I’d see a pattern, feel the need to make it and then scour the yarn store for just the right yarn for the pattern. It was very project oriented. I had a specific project and just enough yarn to complete that project.   Lately, I’m finding that process has been turned upside down.  I’m becoming inspired by the yarn itself. I find yarn, fall in love buy some random amount of it and then try to find a pattern to make. It’s created a little more adventure…more than ever I’m worried about having enough yardage to finish the pattern! Here are a few yarns that have inspired me lately

This is a beautifully soft Joseph Galler Peruvian Tweed that is twist of gray and a yummy chocolate brown.  See?

I’m still not sure what I’ll make with it – a sweater for my husband (finally), a throw, pillows?

Another skein I had to buy without knowing what I’d make with it. Madelinetosh Sock – Alizarin

I really loved all of the different tones in this yarn, the purple, the pink, the reddish brown. Since I only grabbed one skein when I bought this, Henslowe was the perfect pattern for it. I was wanting to remake it anyway.  As I mentioned, there is some adventure with this though because see that little ball of yarn in the picture? That’s all that’s left and I still have to finish the bind off. As beautiful as the bind off is, it takes time and a lot of yarn. I think I’m cutting it close.  But isn’t this the BEST bind off you’ve ever seen?  I think so.

A Rival.

Move over knitting.  Enter air hockey!

We gave the boys an air hockey table for Christmas.  It is fun.  Really fun!

We are having a really great week with our family and enjoying a little time away.  I feel like a new person now after the rush of finishing Christmas projects is over!  So, to celebrate I’ve cast on a new one!


We’re on a little getaway at a picturesque inn in Vermont


The air is cold and crisp; the perfect winter getaway. Of course I brought my knitting, another Henslowe on the needles and hope to have it done by the time we leave.

But for now…


Enough said.


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