Merry Christmas!

We wish you a beautiful Christmas filled with love, laughter, hope and peace. 

We would also like to announce the winner of the Sweater vases from Crate and Barrel.  Teresa C!

Please email us at with your address so we can send that right out to you!

3 more days

I have just a few more things to finish over the next 3 days, one of which is this pair of mittens – Kari’s All Over Cabled Mittens.

I hosted a knitting brunch a few weeks back and my knitting buddy, Carole, had made one and brought it to show me. They’re a quick knit and I had some Misti Alpaca in my stash that I thought might work well.  Although the pattern doesn’t call for a yarn quite this chunky but I really liked how it turned out.  It resulted in a pretty tight knit to keep your hands nice and toasty. The directions are easy to follow, well written and each row has a little checkbox, so you can easily keep track of where you are. I wasn’t a huge fan of the ribbing so I changed the cuff a bit.

I still have one more mitten to finish along with:
- weaving in the ends on a throw
- weaving in the ends on a shawl
- 1/2 of a hat
- A Cha Cha Trendsetter Ruffle Scarf
No problem, right?

Then, it’s all about me. I’ve got a few projects lined up and the yarn purchased so I’m itching to get started – just 3 more days and I can! Here’s what’s next

1. Dawn
2. Versio
3. Henslowe


I love getting to start over each year. I always feel like there is a clean slate in January. Fresh ambitions and goals. For about 8 years Kevin and I have been writing down our personal, financial and business goals. This year I can add goals for Nice & Knit.

I am so excited to have a great planner from Kara to help me stay on task. Kara saw this On the Go Life Planner on luvinthemommyhood blog a few weeks ago. She surprised me with my own personalized copy last week. It is great!

I need all the help I can get with organization, so this is a perfect tool. I have a laptop, iPad and iPhone to help me stay on track…but to no avail. I still need to handwrite my day. I love to cross out my tasks at completion – with a pen!

There are great sections, stickers and great quotes for all year!

A goal completed this year…they all have hand knit hats. Now, I am waiting for some snow for our Christmas picture! (It may be a New Year’s card)

The Botianic Hat and The Boy Hat in Madelinetosh Vintage

Completely Reversible. So cool.
I really love this hat as well. Very fast and the overlapping rib is brilliant. Looking forward to crossing more completed goals off the list!

Nice & Tasty Holiday Treats

Baby, it’s cold outside, so I’ve got a couple of treats for you that are just perfect for the upcoming holiday weekends.

These Winter Spiced Nuts are a tasty snack for your holiday table.

3 cups water
3 1/2 cups of sugar
6 cups of mix nuts (cashews, pistachios, walnuts, almonds)
1/2 lb Bacon
1/2 cup Brown sugar
1 Tablespoon Cinnamon
2 Teaspoons Ground Clove
1 Teaspoon Ground Ginger
1.5 Teaspoon Pumpkin Pie Spice
1 Tablespoon Cocoa Powder
1 Teaspoon Ancho Chile Powder
Kosher Salt

In medium sauce pan, bring water and granulated sugar to a boil. Add spices and add mixed nuts.  Allow to boil for 7-10 minutes. Remove nuts and as much liquid as possible and transfer to a cookie sheet covered with lightly greased parchment paper. Bake nuts at 400 degrees for 10-12 minutes or until browned.  Let set for 1 minute and liberally sprinkle with Kosher Salt.  Then, transfer nuts to a mixing bowl to cool.
On a separate cookie sheet lay bacon flat and cover with brown sugar. Bake at 350 degrees until crispy. Remove from cookie sheet and move to a separate plate to cool. When bacon has cooled, cut into small bite size pieces.
Mix nuts and bacon together. Enjoy!

Yes, you read that right – there is bacon in this recipe. Everything tastes better with bacon so just go with it!

Next up is my husband’s fancy homemade Baileys.  One of our favorite restaurants makes their own Baileys so my husband thought he’d try his hand at making his own using this recipe. I call it an “extra-special milkshake”

Egg Nog ain’t got nothing on this.

Cute bottles from Crate & Barrel, a few simple trimmings like baker’s twine, one of our Nice & Knit handmade tags and a sticker make this a great hostess gift so if you’re heading to a party bring some of these along.

Don’t forget to enter our giveaway!

Christmas Week Giveaway

Only one week to finish all of our knitting projects! I am just about finished!  In celebration, we will be giving away a set of these fabulous Sweater Vases featured in our gift guide!  To enter leave us a comment telling us what you knit this season for gifts – or what you would like to knit in the new year.

Sweater vases from Crate and Barrel

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas around our house.  A few years a go I knit the Last Hurrah Scarf by Rebecca Crea.  I have worn it on many frigid winter days.  This year I thought it would make a great wreath bow…

I went with blues for my decor this year and the scarf blends right in.

Made with Cascade Magnum this is a super fast knit!  You’d have plenty of time to complete before next weekend!

So, do not forget to enter our Sweater Vase Giveaway before Thursday at midnight!  We will pick a winner on Friday morning!

This is why we block

Blocking might be my least favorite part of knitting. Just when I think I’m done with a project, I’m not. I still have to block it. Maybe I’m too impulsive and I’m so excited to be done that I just want to wear it right away… or maybe I cut my deadlines too close that I’ve hardly left enough time for blocking. No matter how much I’m not a fan, it’s something you just gotta do. ‘No way around it. Lacework is not cute unless it’s been blocked so don’t even think about skipping it. Case in point: Henslowe.

Henslowe is a new pattern Katie came across and I am so glad she did. It is a beautiful pattern. I finished it Wednesday and blocked it yesterday. This morning I took the pins out and fell in love. Katie asked me “So, do you not want to give it away now?” I thought about it and said “No, I DO want to give this away and I can’t wait to make it again!” It is that good.

The blocking instructions for Henslowe call for precisely eleventy million pins and while I didn’t need quite that many it did take some time to get it all pinned out just right, but you see – it was worth it.

Handmade Holiday

Wrapping time is here! This year Kevin and I made a lot of the gifts we are giving. Kara had a great idea to make tags that portrayed the handmade theme.

Kevin and the boys have been making birch log coasters to give as gifts this year. They get a fresh coat of varnish each night. We would love to share these tags with you…just print them out, cut them out and give them out. Print these on a 8.5×11 sheet of card stock paper.

They will look great printed on all different color papers and tied with bow. Happy wrapping!

Lace Capelet

I had some questions about what cowl I’m wearing in these pictures.

It’s actually not a cowl pattern, but a capelet.  See, the directions call for you to cast on VERY loosely but it turns out that you need to cast on even more loosely than VERY loosely because the caplet won’t fit down over my shoulders!  Instead of frogging it, I wear it like a cowl.  It’s a free pattern on raverly called Lace Capelet. It’s a really easy pattern. The toughest part is working with such a fine yarn on larger needles, while trying not to lose any stitches.  I used Thaki S. Charles Luna yarn. The pattern called for 2 skeins but I only needed one full skein.

It’s a nice one to have in the closet to grab and throw on. It feels so soft and it’s surprisingly warm for how lightweight it is. I wear it all year. In the winter it looks like sparkling snow and in the summer it’s a nice lightweight cover-up to wear in the evenings.


I’ve made a lot of progress on Christmas Knitting!

I have 1.5 hats to finish…updates soon on those.

I admit that I have done some knitting for myself.  Kara recently completed her Thermis Cowl.  I really loved the way it came out, so I chose to knit my own with Madelinetosh Vintage in Winter Wheat color way.

Now we match :)  Our photographer sister Betsy took these pics for us.  Thanks!

This is a great knit!  It took me just a few days to complete.  I had to steal the buttons from another sweater so I could wear the cowl right away.

Only one skein is needed to complete this beauty.

A New Knitter

This is my best friend Aly. You might remember me talking about her a few weeks ago when I taught her to knit. At the time I had asked you to vote for her first project – You voted, and we listened.  Aly began knitting the Yoshimi cowl. She picked out a lovely Malabrigo to work with too.

She’s doing a great job!  There have only been a few knitting “emergencies” and she’s currently working on her second project.  I think she’s hooked!

Isn’t it beautiful? Isn’t She beautiful?!

Keep up the great work Aly!


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