Handmade Holiday Wreath

Did you pull out all the Christmas decorations this weekend? I started but this wreath is about as far as I got! A few years back Starbucks hung these on all of their doors and throughout the store.  I loved them and immediately thought “I could MAKE that!”  So I did.

I like this project because it was super quick and simple, it’ll probably only take you an hour or two. Plus, I could get everything I needed in one place (Joann’s or Michael’s) and it’s something I can use year after year!

-Glue gun
- wreath form
- ornaments & jingle bells in various sizes of red and green
- Styrofoam balls in various sizes. I used between 15-20 per wreath
- 4 (more or less) skeins of yarn in various shades of green. I also tried to get them in different weights and textures. Grab a few that are fuzzy for a little extra interest.

Wrap just enough yarn around the Styrofoam balls to cover the ball. Then hot glue the covered yarn balls to the wreath form.  I started by placing the larger balls first and then filled in gluing the ornaments, jingle bells and smaller Styrofoam balls to the form to cover. I used 4 different shades of green yarn but you can use more or less.  You should have enough to make at least 2 wreaths.

It also looks great in cream & gold, all reds, all greens, or light blue & white.  If you make this – make sure to email us your photos! We’d love to see.

Happy Birthday Colleen!

Happy 30th, Colleen!

In the photo above, Colleen is the second one in on the right. So, now that you know who she is — you can wish her a Happy 30th Birthday!

Coll, sorry I just announced your age to everyone, but you’re still young enough that it’s OK… right?

Last Saturday we (my mom, Katie, Betsy and I) threw a “surprise” brunch in honor of Colleen.  I say “surprise” in quotes because it was a tough one to pull off.


See, I had done surprise parties for both Katie and Betsy on their 30th birthdays (oops – did I just tell everyone your ages too?) so any event happening in the month of November was probably a bit suspicious to Colleen.

I think she still looks a little surprised. Don’t you?


We were able to pull off one surprise that day.  As our gift to Colleen we whisked her away for an afternoon shopping spree.  The “poor” girl must have tried on a hundred different things.  We were throwing clothes at her over the fitting room door like they were going out of style. We got her some great stuff but most importantly had a great time and made some memories.  Can’t ever have enough of those!

Love you, Colleen. Have a great birthday.


After the big storm we had to cut down our little birch grove beside our house.  When Kevin and I built our home we made sure to save as many birch trees as we possibly could.  Now they are all gone.  Kevin is creative and he had a wonderful idea, which takes some of the sadness from our missing trees.

Our new coat tree.

When the boys come in from sledding, ice fishing and skating this winter, there is a new place beside the fire to hang their hats, gloves and scarves.

The shipment of Madelinetosh I received on Friday did not disappoint!  I am not lacking for projects!

I enjoy playing with the color combinations.  After the hats are all done, I would love to knit a pair of color work mittens with the leftover yarn.  Any pattern suggestions?

Monday Morning Coffee

I mentioned last week that I had picked up some Manos del Uruguay to make some coffee cozies. Well, I finished a project yesterday, and before I started something new I whipped up a coffee cozy. It’s such a quick project and if you’re not comfortable working with a set of 5 dp needles, this would be a great project to practice with.

I’ve got a trick for making foamed milk that will make your coffee extra special.  It doesn’t include taking a trip to Starbucks either, you can do this right at home! I had seen this online months ago. I don’t even remember where I saw it but I do remember the instructions.

Take a small mason jar and put about a 1/4″ of milk in the bottom. Cover and shake vigorously.  Then put in the microwave for 30 seconds.  You’ll have a lovely foam to top off your coffee.

These two go together like PB&J.

Happy Friday!

Good Morning!  I am looking forward to a beautiful weekend, and a shipment of Madelinetosh arriving this afternoon!  I completed my first of 5 hats to knit before Christmas.

Sabi Hat by Olga Buraya-Kefelian

Madelinetosh Vintage – Terra

I loved knitting this!  At the beginning it took me a bit to get the pattern down.  (It helped when I read the directions correctly :)  After that it was speedy.  I highly recommend this knit!

I love the herringbone zigzag pattern, and I have been thinking of blankets, leg warmers,   mittens and scarves that would look great with this design!

Sabi is textured and very stretchy, so it fits all of us!  Not sure who this is for just yet, but Ry modeled it for me this morning.

Yesterday Kara announced her new pattern Alpine Throw.  In the afternoon I cast on with some stash yarn I had.  I love the pattern!  I’m especially excited that it is completely reversible!  With the seed stitch edge and chevron design it will look awesome on either side!

The Alpine Throw will make a perfect Christmas gift and I already know who it is going to!

Alpine Throw

I am so excited and ‘lil nervous about this post. The Alpine Throw pattern is ready for you! It’s so official that you can get it on Ravelry if you’re interested.  I’d love to hear what you think!

I used Berocco Ultra Alpaca, held double, and I love the feeling of this blanket. The drape is so perfect that it wraps right around you & it’s cozy. Very silky and soft after blocking.

Striped Textured Cowl

Good Morning!  Looking for more last minute knits for Christmas?  This one is real quick!

I had almost a whole skein of Cove left over after making my Mystic Comfort Pillow.  I also had some Prairie Lace weight Madelinetosh in my stash, so  I made a quick cowl with them.

I alternated the DK weight and Prairie Lace Weight Madelinetosh to create a striped effect.

The fringe adds a little flare.

This would be very pretty in a alternate color as well I think!  Two tone gray would be beautiful.

This is a quick pattern sketch of how I made the cowl.

Something New

I started something new last night and I just can’t seem to put it down! This will be a quick project for that reason alone. I haven’t knit with red before but I really love it – this one especially that has some tones of black mixed in.  Maybe it’s the time of year with the weather cooler and Christmas around the corner but I can’t wait to finish it.  Still deciding whether this one is for me or for someone special this Christmas. Hmmm… it might be tough to give this one away!

I met my deadline and finished the throw last week so the big reveal & pattern will be posted for you on Thursday!

Starbucks Giveaway

Jennifer Gorton you are the Starbucks gift card winner!  We hope you enjoy knitting while sipping on a hot cup of coffee!

I had a great weekend knitting myself!  I finished a cowl and started winter hats for my three sons.  Here’s a peak…

New York, NY

I’m a day late on my post but I hope I’m not a dollar short because I’ve got a little somethin’ for ya!

My husband has been traveling a bit and it worked out that we could meet up in NYC for the night Thursday and spend the day Friday in the city. It’s our favorite place and it’s sort of a special place for us to visit.  There’s a certain magic in the air on the streets of New York that we love equally.

We spent most of our time eating amazing food and walking around Soho. Since I was in Soho I couldn’t miss the opportunity to swing into Purl Soho.

I picked up some more Madelinetosh (of course) and some Manos del Uruguay to make some of these for another Christmas gift.

Pattern also courtesy of Purl Soho’s Joelle Horverson and their Book More Last Minute Knitted Gifts. Excellent book – and highly recommended! It not only gives you a bunch of great quick ideas for gifts but the book itself makes a great gift too – it’s beautiful!

Alright, so what’s in it for you?

It might seem a little unrelated, but it’s not.  There is something about NYC and Starbucks that go hand in hand for me.  Maybe it’s because there is one located on just about every corner but I love walking the streets with a Latte in hand. It’s even better this time of year when it’s a bit chilly and the red holiday cups are out that makes the coffee taste a ‘lil better. Plus don’t you just love a cup of coffee while you’re knitting?

Leave us a comment and you could win a $20 Starbucks gift card. We’ll select a winner Monday afternoon!

I apologize I didn’t get this posted on Veteran’s Day but I did want to make a moment and thank all of those who serve and have served our country.  I’m deeply indebted to you and I’m more than grateful for your courage.


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