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Thank you all for the kind words!  We will have 2 winners today!

Lindsay was the winner for the original giveaway:

We have a bonus giveaway!  I hope you like it Megan Hall!

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Have a wonderful weekend, and may your projects be finished!

A Nice & Knit Holiday

There are just 17 more days until Christmas! Phew, that’s not much.  If you haven’t done all your shopping (and I bet there are plenty of you that haven’t), take a look at this gift guide we’ve put together.  The Nice & Knit Gift Guide is a collection of products we know and love.  A few of these items, all wrapped up, will make someone’s day merry & bright.  ( click on the gift guide below to open! )

Nice and Knit Gift Guide

Hand Felted Slippers

They are complete.  And now, so am I.

I have toasty warm feet.

There is still time to enter our felted flower giveaway… just leave a comment here  to enter!


Good Morning!

Yesterday afternoon I had a few hours to hand felt a pair of slippers.   The slippers are still wet so I will wait to post photos of the finished product.  The slippers are made with wool roving, hot water and soap.

A tutorial on hand felted slippers can be found at this Etsy Shop.

The ever-present coffee mug.  I do not do much without it :)

I also made a flower brooch for one of you!

 Leave a comment and we will pick a random winner on Friday!


Well, I got it done in time!

I stayed up late Friday night and got up early Saturday morning to finish, but it was worth it!  I learned that rushing is never a good idea. I probably should have known that already, and by the time I finished the last stitch on Saturday I felt like throwing the clutch out the window. I was tired, and I was sick of rushing. Once I had a chance to relax a bit I started to really love the outcome.

A little sparkle can add a little pep to your step. It was the perfect accessory for the Christmas party. It has plenty of room to hold my cell phone, car keys, lip gloss, gum and $.


This project introduced me to the world of beaded knitting and I’m really inspired by all of the possibilities.

Pattern coming soon!

Christmas Cast On

I have been feverishly knitting.  Casting on projects whenever I find a moment.  Which, brings up another point.  People ask me often when I “find” time to knit.  I take time.  I get up early and knit for an hour at 5.  I bring knitting with me to pick up the boys at school.  While I wait, I complete a few rows.  I allow an hour here and there to sit and knit (this forces me to complete my other tasks in record time ;)

When all of this does not allow enough time to complete my knitting projects – I give up on other things.  My favorite activity to sacrifice is the laundry! :)

I get so excited with new projects that I have to cast on right away!  This really is the best way for me.  I try to fight against it and start one project at a time – I can’t do it.  Can’t say I ever get bored!  I have more complex projects for quiet knitting by myself, and easy garter stitch projects for wild times with the boys running around me.

So go ahead and cast on!!


A few weeks back I had posted about my friend Aly learning to knit. I asked you all to vote on what you thought her first project should be and someone suggested Thermis. I thought it was a great idea, so I stole it for my next project.

Ya know, as a good friend, I thought I should test knit for her.  Just to make sure it was a good project for her.  Well, it’s a great project!

I promise that in real life those buttons match and I didn’t stick red buttons on a pink cowl. The cowl is red. Poor choice of lighting on my part this morning. Sorry, I’ll do better next time!

I have something else in the works that I am super excited about!  I got the idea for a pattern on Monday, and got so excited that I had to run to the LYS on my way home from work.

As I cooked dinner I charted my pattern – 3 different times. Then I cast on, started knitting and ripped out – 3 different times. The 3rd time was the charm and I’m well on my way which, it turns out, is a must because I need to have it done for a Christmas party this Saturday!  It’s left me frantically knitting any minute I have free. …I think I can..I think I can…and I will.

I’ll share it with you next week!

Faded Jeans Hat

Yesterday I posted my hat in progress.  This was a super quick hat.

Madelinetosh Vintage Yarn – Manor and Thoreau Colorways

I made this pattern up and I was going to share it with you, but there are some things that I would like to do differently next time.   I would like to decrease the crown of the hat sooner so that there are no “puckers” at the top.

These photo sessions have to be the fastest on record, but to these moving targets they are never quick enough!

I know I have said it many times, but working with Madelinetosh is always a pleasure.

Don’t you think that the blue looks just like washed jeans?

Soup Season

Our household has been enjoying soup this fall.  Our favorite is clam chowder.  All three boys love it as much as their father, so I make it often!

I do not have a real recipe and each time it is a bit different, but I enjoy the process every time.

Here is what I do – amounts are not critical, just be creative!

Canned clams.  Minced or chopped are great.

Strain and reserve the clam juice.

Dice up an onion.

Dice celery.

Add a stick of butter.  (not a low fat recipe :)

Saute the celery and onion in butter until tender.

Peel potatoes and dice up.  Boil potatoes in the clam juice until tender.

Add potatoes & clam juice to the celery and onion.  Add clams.

Now to make the cream sauce:




Add half & half – I use milk sometimes as well, or a mixture of the two.

Cook until thickened and smooth.

Add to clam mixture.

Season with salt and pepper

and Old Bay Seasoning.

While soup is simmering; knit.  Which is of course, the most important step!

The hats are coming along.

Eat and enjoy.

Handmade Holiday Wreath

Did you pull out all the Christmas decorations this weekend? I started but this wreath is about as far as I got! A few years back Starbucks hung these on all of their doors and throughout the store.  I loved them and immediately thought “I could MAKE that!”  So I did.

I like this project because it was super quick and simple, it’ll probably only take you an hour or two. Plus, I could get everything I needed in one place (Joann’s or Michael’s) and it’s something I can use year after year!

-Glue gun
– wreath form
– ornaments & jingle bells in various sizes of red and green
– Styrofoam balls in various sizes. I used between 15-20 per wreath
– 4 (more or less) skeins of yarn in various shades of green. I also tried to get them in different weights and textures. Grab a few that are fuzzy for a little extra interest.

Wrap just enough yarn around the Styrofoam balls to cover the ball. Then hot glue the covered yarn balls to the wreath form.  I started by placing the larger balls first and then filled in gluing the ornaments, jingle bells and smaller Styrofoam balls to the form to cover. I used 4 different shades of green yarn but you can use more or less.  You should have enough to make at least 2 wreaths.

It also looks great in cream & gold, all reds, all greens, or light blue & white.  If you make this – make sure to email us your photos! We’d love to see.


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