My best friend Alison is a 3rd grade teacher but last night I got to be the teacher and made her my student.  She came over with the intent of creating craft project but we ended with me teaching her how to knit!  I think she might have caught a little bit of the knitting bug because we picked out her first project and planned a trip to our local yarn shop to help her get the right yarn for her very first project. In the meantime I gave her some homework – watch as many How-to-Knit YouTube videos she can. That’s probably a lot easier than the homework SHE gives out!

Here she is rocking a purl stitch

I thought we picked out a great cowl for her to start with. It’s the Dolores Park Cowl but then I was browsing the blog of s i x o n e s e v e n (stunning blog) I saw her pattern for Yoshimi and thought that it might be a great option as well. So here’s what I’m thinking – a vote!  In honor of voting day yesterday why not cast your vote and let us know which one you like better?…Or if you have another pattern you think we should look at let us know!

I’ll keep you posted on her progress. No pressure Aly!

Bobble Capelet

Good Morning!  It really is good because we have power!  It was a long 9 days – I feel bad for those still without.

I am loving the fall sunshine today.  Capelet weather has arrived!  (or re-arrived after the winter blast we experienced last week.)

Tahki Stacy Charles – Terra Collection Montana  BOBBLE CAPELET

Ryan took these photos for me this morning!  He is becoming quite a photographer!

A super quick knit on size 15 needles!  A very enjoyable project.

PS – it is itchy.  You must wear with turtleneck or collar up :)

Sticking to it

I know I’ve told you before but I’ll say it again. I love afghans. I’m always wrapped up in one. I’ve made several and I’m in the process of making another. This one will be a Christmas gift for someone special in my husband’s family who just bought his first house.  That might be an awfully big hint but I’m pretty sure he’s not reading this blog so I should be in the clear!

I had a self-imposed deadline of finishing it by Nov. 1st which didn’t happen so I’m posting my new deadline to all of you so that I get it done on time.  I am giving myself until the end of this week to finish it and then post the pattern to you next week. This will be my first official pattern. I say official because I’ve certainly made things up before when knitting but this one I’ll actually put into a downloadable pattern for you.

Now that I’ve announced it, I’d never wanna let you down — the pattern will be up next week.  Phew! I better get to work

Taking Things for Granted.

I am sure in 2 weeks when I am fully powered up again I will take it all for granted.  The telephone, internet, flushing toilet, running water, heat, washing machine, dryer, coffee in an instant and all the other wonderful essentials I take for granted every day.  We are still without power.  I am thankful for heat from our wood stove, generator and very generous family members with power. (I am at Kara’s right now.)

There are many people in shelters so I know we have it good.

Our boys have had no school since the storm…rumor has it next week may be the same.  Kevin has been out of work this week.  We cut down 30 birch trees and cleared them out – our house looks completely different!

The boys have enjoyed spending time with friends and cousins.  I think this is something they will never forget – I know I won’t.

Just can’t get enough

I have a little problem. I might not want to knit with anything except Madelinetosh ever again. And it’s great because with all the colors and weights they have — I may not have to! Maybe my real problem is that I started by using their Pashmina a gorgeous blend of merino, silk & cashmere. And? It’s machine washable!

You saw a sneak peak of this already but here’s the finished Honey Cowl. A freebie and a goodie! My only modification was that I stopped at around 8″ wide instead of continuing to the recommended 11″. So glad I did.

Sorry things have been so quiet this week – Katie is still without power.  As soon as she’s back up and running then we’ll be back in full force!


It was a wacky weekend here in New England that’s really leaving its mark. We had a big snow storm that is unlike most any of us have experienced. Trees and power lines are down on almost every road you drive down. Millions of homes are still without power.

We were out from Saturday afternoon – Monday night but we are one of the very lucky few to have gotten our power back.  Katie and her family are still in the dark but staying warm, so you might just be hearing from me for the week. Lucky you!

I haven’t even gotten as much knitting done as I might have liked but I might have a new finished object to show you in a post tomorrow.  But for now here’s a peak of what Sunday morning looked like at the Stanley house.


Congratulations to Devon – you are the winner of the Driftwood stitch markers!

I’m having a lot of fun making these! I made 4 more sets that are available on Etsy. These are a bit smaller and fit a size 10 -11 needle nicely.

The little blue and yellow one are my favorite so far.

We have 6-10 inches of snow predicted for tomorrow into Sunday. It’s not even Halloween and although it sounds crazy I’m kind of looking forward to a few days of just stayin’ in, sitting on the the couch & knitting. I’ve got a blanket, a cowl, a vest and some fingerless mitts I need to finish because I can’t wait to show you!

Stitch Markers

I love all things crafty and I have a need to create with my hands – it makes me happy.  Katie and I had talked about making some stitch markers that were a little more fancy than the florescent pink, orange and green plastic variety.  I had a few hours to spare last night so I got to work!




You can find them here on Etsy if you’re interested in buying a set. They’d make a great Christmas gift or stocking stuffer. Just Sayin’. These 3 sets will fit up to a size 17 needle.  If you’d prefer a smaller option those are available as well. I’d love for you to leave me a comment letting me know which set you like best – There might just be somethin’ in it for you if you do!


Leave a comment I’ll pick a random winner on Friday. The winner will receive a set of the ones they said they like best!

Vera Bradley Winner

Judy you have won the Vera Bradley needle case! 

Thank you everyone for your comments!


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