And the winner is!

Our reader florapie is the winner of the beautiful pattern book From Mama, with Love as well as springy skien of Nice & Knit Seagrass Yarn!


Thank you for all of your comments!

We will have our pattern release later this evening with our new Maritime Cowl!

Stay tuned…


Giveaway & Review: From Mama, With Love

Have you heard of this new gem of a pattern book? It’s called From Moma, With Love. It’s a beautiful assembly of knitting patterns by 5 extremely talented designers – and mamas:  Connie Chang Chinchio, Tanis Gray, Margaux Hufnagel, Melissa La Barre and Kate Gagnon Osborn.

So, what do I love about this book? There’s quite a few things actually, but let’s start with the most important – the patterns.  There’s a really nice variety of sweaters, vests, hats and blankies and how about that awesome boppy cover? Talk about an awesome shower gift idea for a new mom!


Patterns (Left to Right, Top to Bottom): Petunia’s Blanket, Ronan Pullover, Seed Stitch Boppy, Kearney HatKyle Vest, Lulu Vest, Sid Scrappy Hat, Velvet Hoodie, Viviane Cardigan, Debonair Hat, Ferris Vest, Isadora Lopapeysa, Antonia Blanket, Bluebell Pullover, Callum Vest

I also really love how personal this book feels, you can certainly tell it was a labor of love by all 5 authors.  One of my favorite things about it are the cute little nuggets of parenting advice along with the patterns.

For example:

From Tanis Gray:
Q: “What’s the best parenting advice you’ve ever received?”
A: “Not every day wil be rosy, but take each day as it comes, learning from both their and your mistakes and try again tomorrow….”

Well said, Tanis!

It’s Giveway Time!

I’d love to see all of these knit up in Nice & Knit Yarn, of course, so we thought we’d give you a headstart! It’s giveaway time!

Leave a comment telling us what pattern you’d knit and in which Nice & Knit colorway and you’ll be entered to win your very own copy of the pattern collection and a single skein of the color you mention in your comment! Winner will be selected Monday morning!

The Tour:

Check out the other stops on the From Mama, With Love blog tour. Some of our very own favorite blogs are on this list, and we’re honored to be part of the tour!

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Tuesday, April 29th, Karida Collins of Neighborhood Fiber Co.
Friday, May 2nd, Cecily Glowik McaDonald of Winged Knits
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Wednesday, May 7th – Thea Colman of Baby Cocktails
Friday, May 9th – Kate & Courtney, of Kelbourne Woolens
Tuesday, May 13, Jessica Correa, of Dream in Color Yarn Co.
Thursday, May 15, Kristen Kapur of Through the Loops
Tuesday, May 20, Tanis Lavalee of Tanis Fiber Arts
Friday, May 22, Alana Dakos of Never Not Knitting

Happy Easter!

Sorry this post comes a day after Easter but as I’m sure you all know – holidays can be busy! Plus, what I really want to share today are some pictures I was able to get yesterday!  But first, Katie and I did a whole bunch of dyeing last week and we have some new seasonal colors we love.  But the combo of a few of them felt very Easter-y or is it Easter-ish? Either way, they’re Springy and lovely!


It was a gorgeous, warm spring day here in CT and Brooklyn loved to be outside. Her little Liten shrug was just the perfect layer because it wasn’t too hot and didn’t leave her too chilly.


She is loved by these 3 guys :)

I’m thinking of whipping up another Liten Shrug to match this really cute Baby Gap Romper I got her recently. The colors match perfectly! I have a major Baby Gap problem. While I was going to grab that link to the Romper, I ended up putting a few more things in my cart for Brooklyn.  HELP!




Easter Shrug

192A0555Since this is Brookyn’s first Easter, I wanted to hand knit something a little special for her Easter outfit.  I found the perfect little shrug on Ravelry. Although a hand-knit dress or sweater would have been super sweet, I don’t have a ton of extra knitting time so I thought a shrug would be the perfect, quick little project. I knit this up in just a few hours this past Sunday in the Nice & Knit Cashmerino DK (yes, cashmere on a baby is darling, and it’s Easter)

Pattern: Liten I made the 1 year size but it goes from Newborn – 12 years old!
Needles: US Size 6
Yarn: Nice & Knit Cashmerino DK in Driftwood & Peony



192A0563  192A0597

192A0544 192A0569 192A0550


A Cool Cowl By an Even Cooler Girl

We have a new knitter extraordinaire to share with you today.  She’s 11 years old, sweet as pie, as cute as can be, her name is Nora, and she’s our niece.

You know the rhyme

“…Sugar and spice and all things nice, that’s what little girls are made of.” ? Well, that describes Miss Nora.  She is pretty excited about our new Nice & Knit venture and wanted to support us by knitting a cowl in our yarn. She did such an amazing job and she’s already started her second one!  Look how even her stitches are. I know for a fact I wasn’t knitting this well when I was 11!



192A0454        192A0495

This cowl features Nice & Knit Driftwood and Nice & Knit Brooklyn both in DK weight.




Isn’t she cute?!  I think we may need to hire her as a test knitter very soon!

Nice & Knit Yarn Winner

Good morning everyone!

Our Nice and knit Yarn giveaway winner is Marilyn who wrote:

I have the Bella shawl in my queue It would be lovely in Nantucket…don’t you think? By the way, your website is my new favorite. I even ordered a Yarn Pop bag yesterday after seeing yours. You inspire me!!


Thank you all for the beautiful comments and encouragement – so fun to read what each of you would knit.  Great source of inspiration for us as well!

Today it is raining and dreary so I am attempting roman shades for our living room makeover.  I am using a tablecloth for the fabric.  I fell in love with this print.  Hopefully tomorrow I can show you the finished product.


Nice & Knit Giveaway!

It’s sunny and beautiful the birds are chirping.  This makes us so happy,

its giveaway time!

Two luscious skeins of Nice & Knit DK in Nantucket



Just leave us a comment with what you would like to knit with these beautiful skeins and you will be entered to win!  So easy, so pretty.


We will pick a random winner next Tuesday!

Bag Ladies

Katie and I are total bag hoarders. Anytime we see a new knitting bag we impulsively buy it and luckily, almost never regret it.

Our most recent bag purchase (yes, we each got one) was this really cool project bag from YarnPop. It’s their ‘Gadgety’ bag which is basically perfect for a colorwork project because it allows you to keep your skeins in separate zippered pockets on the inside so that they don’t end up a tangled mess.  A grommet allows you to slip your yarn through the hole and pulls from inside the bag keeping your yarn contained and protected. And even if you’re not doing colorwork, the zipped pocket is great for holding your notions like scissors, tape measure, row counters, stitch markers, chapstick, gum, cell phones….and anything else you can shove in there.

They’re made with high quality materials in the good ole USA and they’re really convenient which I think justifies the pricetag.



We picked ours up at Knit Two-Gether in Vernon, CT but if you’re not local you can find them online at Webs or Jimmy Beans and a bunch of other online shops! There come in sorts of shapes and sizes that are all pretty tempting.

 192A0508 192A0513


There’s a lot of things I love about running this blog with my sister, but near the very top of my list is our common knack for having boundless lists of ideas.   See, we both score nearly off the charts in ideaphoria. What’s ideaphoria you ask? Thanks to Wikipedia for the definition it is:

” an experience where one feels a constant onslaught of new ideas, creating a euphoric state of idea creation.”

Yup, that explains the constant state of our brains pretty well.  A simple idea, when bounced off the other, can spiral pretty quickly into an endless list of ideas.  The unfortunate side-affect of having high ideaphoria is that there simply aren’t enough hours in a single day to accomplish or execute on all of them, but as a marketing guru and a designer tag-team, we are able to make some of these ideas come to life pretty quickly and have a ton of fun while doing it.

Case in point is our new postcards.  Our yarn is so personal to us – with every skein being hand-dyed with a whole lotta love by Katie and I  – we wanted to make sure that the fiber artists who make something with our yarn feel that personal connection to us.  The idea of including a postcard with a note from the two of us on the back was one of those ideas that randomly came up and a few hours later, came to life.





Which brings me back to my original thought.  The reason I love running this blog with my sister is that so many of the ideas we come up with are made possible by working together and not likely to happen if we tried to do them independently. It’s a team effort here at Nice & Knit. She’s there for me not just to share ideas with but to share the load, too! Thanks Kate!

And a special thanks to Betsy Jo Photography for capturing some pictures that we absolutely love!

Pretty Gifts

It’s still not my birthday, but I am a spoiled sister and I received another early birthday present from Kara.  I snapped a couple photos this morning of my new Spud & Chloe project bag made from vintage material.  So sweet.



And I can’t wait to dive into this read.  I just need a free minute and I’m going to curl right up.  Have you read it yet?


I’m going to share the rest another day, because the sun is shining and I think some pansies need planting.


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