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Brooklyn and I just had a mini photoshoot before I put this hat into the mail for a random Christmas Gift for a little cutie patootie.  I could not wait to share them with you so immediately following taking the pictures I plugged the camera into the computer to share! I love this girl. I love that she lets me take her picture. I love that she doesn’t immediately yank the hat off her head (20 minutes later and she’s still crawling around the house with it on).

The hat is a pattern I made up a few weeks back and have knit 3 of these hats for Christmas Gifts. I’ll be officially typing up the pattern and posting in the next couple of weeks.

192A0920 192A0875192A0884 192A0895 192A0944

192A0929 192A0984192A1022  192A1023 192A1046 192A1047 192A1046

Temperate Set

I know I already shared my version of the Temperate Hat and Katie shared her’s on Wednesday, but I wanted to share the mitts too, because I finally finished them and today both the hat and mitt set are being gifted to someone special! A really lovely pattern set that I highly recommend!

192A0640 192A0632 192A0629 192A0626 192A0619

Yarn: Malabrigo Rios
Needles: Size US 5 (I went smaller than the pattern indicated because I like them to be a bit tight)Ravelry Project

Last Minute Knitted Gift

This temperate (by Sweet fiber yarns) beanie is the sweetest and quickest hat around.  Knit this up in a day or two for your last minute knitted gifts…or, knit it for yourself ( I did ) – because it’s cold out there!baby baby2I have three sweaters that are suffering from neglect again.  I’m looking forward to this Christmas break for so many reasons.  One being quality knitting time.  This is not so much of a last minute quick knit – I began this last month.   Cabled Pullover and Cowl by Lion Brand Yarns.  It is a free pattern and a very squishy knit.  I love it so far and wish I had all the time in the world to finish it up for Christmas.


192A0423Yarn is: Madelinetosh Vintage in Dr Zhivago’s Sky

Camp Out Fingerless Mitts & Cookies

There are 9 days until Christmas! I have 2 (maybe 3) more hats and 1 pair of mitts left to knit before I am going to consider my Christmas knitting complete. This weekend we had a snowstorm so it was a great weekend to craft & cook.

I was able to knit 2 children’s hats and finish a pair of Camp Out Fingerless Mitts. I really love this mitt pattern because it’s so so simple, it’s free, the mitts are really functional, they look cool, and it’s a very quick knit! Does it get any better than that?



I used Plymouth Yarns Gina, which is a worsted weight, colorful yarn, and it’s only $6.99 a skein for over 200 yards.  I purchased 2 skeins so that I could get the mitts to “match” in color. I think I can squeak out one – maybe two – more pairs of mitts out of the two skeins. So for about $14 I can make 3 pairs of mitts, not bad! Each mitt takes me about 2-3 hrs to complete so I will definitely make them again.

192A0591  192A0598

Although I completed quite a few projects I don’t feel like I had a ton of knitting time, instead I spent time making Christmas cookies, candy, and some soup during the storm. Then I started eating cookies, and eating cookies and eating some more cookies, ugh. I am filled with regret. But, they taste so good and are a favorite of mine. I have a lot of favorites. I told my husband yesterday that I have something wrong with me — it’s called “cookie monster-ism” I just can’t help it.


After posting a picture on instagram of these Molasses Crinkles I had a request to share the recipe.  The recipe I used was from Fearless Homemaker. http://www.fearlesshomemaker.com/2012/12/molasses-crinkle-cookies/
The only adjustment I made was not to add the cardamom.

More snow headed our way tomorrow!

Our Mantle Inspiration

We built our home in 2002.  We were newly married, and I had a baby on the way.  At 22 years old I didn’t have all the home decor answers that I may have thought I did.  Nor did we have the funds for my grand ideas.  So each year we add a little here and there to our house.  It is always always dangerous for me to look through a Better Homes and Garden magazine, I always find inspiration – like this photo.  Two years later I still love this entire home, particularly the mantle.  Once I saw it I started to beg.Screen Shot 2013-12-13 at 9.04.11 AMIt is a bit hard to see in this photo, but you get the idea.  So did Kevin, and he started to build away.  And I cheered and encouraged with every bang of the nail gun.  Because everybody needs a cheerleader.

Our old mantle is pictured here: (this is a very old christmas photo of the easel Kevin bought me – I still love the easel, but not the mantle.)mantleripIMG_5221Two years later, I still love the mantle, and Kevin.gunLast Christmas I tried to buy Kev a new tool belt – because clearly he needs one.  I found out that tool belts are not like purses!  He loves this old old thing and it is just right – all worn in.  He does not want a shiny new one.  Go figure.tool192A0458 copy 192A0459 copyI’m looking forward to snuggling up with some knitting during the snow storm tomorrow.  I hope you all have a great weekend!

WIP: Golden Wheat Cardi

Good morning!  today1Kara and I have been knitting every free second we have.  It’s not too many free minutes in reality, but enough to keep us happy and creative.  I started knitting this Golden Wheat Cardigan by  Veera Välimäki in String Theory Aran weight yarn.  It has taken me only one week to knit then entire body!  The size 10 needles are a dream with this aran weight.  The reverse stockinette is stunning.  Now to keep up this momentum and complete the sleeves.  ( I’ll have to ignore the other 5 projects on my needles)  I can’t wait to wear it for Christmas.

I opted to omit the body shaping.  I think the yarn will have great drape and shape itself.  today4today3My only hard decision is if I love the stockinette side even better than the reverse stockinette?  What do you think?today2I am looking forward to finding the perfect buttons to finish this off.

It is beginning to look a lot like Christmas at our house.  The wood stove is keeping us cozy and warm.  I love this cozy time of year – it’s knitting season.deers3333My mantle is one of my favorite projects Kevin and I have completed together.  I say together loosely.  I am the cheering squad while he fulfills my dreams.  He is patient and talented.  Its a wonderful combination.

Tomorrow on the blog:  The Mantle Process.

Last Minute Baby Sophisticate

Since having Brooklyn I have become increasingly scatter-brained. It seems the older she gets, the more busy things are and the more I am forgetful.  I’m sure all of you moms out there know what it is I’m talking about — good old baby brain! Luckily, I married a really great guy who doesn’t suffer from this ailment! Saturday afternoon he reminded me that Sunday I was to attend a baby shower for a co-worker of his. It had totally slipped my mind! My response was, “Well, then I guess I had better get knitting!”

Saturday evening I cast on Baby Sophisticate using some String Theory Caper Aran (an all-time favorite) on a size 9 needle since the pattern tends to run a little small. I didn’t have a minute to spare but I finished it and made it to the shower with a precious little sweater for what I am sure is going to be a very sweet little girl. Since I was totally out of time, I was only able to grab one picture but one I still wanted to share!

Screen Shot 2013-12-01 at 11.41.43 PM

Baby Sophisticate is a free, simple baby cardigan. This is my second time making this sweater and I’d recommend it for a super quick knit! Ravelry Project here.

More Christmas hats complete to share later this week!

Two More Hats

Are you sick of seeing my hat projects yet? Too bad, I have a bunch more to show you :)  I’ll double them up though. Today’s hat highlights are from a pattern called 2 Glasses of Pink Zin from Baby Cocktails. The pattern includes two really awesome hat patterns. I would make either of these again without hesitating! I used Madelinetosh DK in the Calligraphy color. So happy with how these turned out, hope the recipients enjoy them too! Ravelry project here and here.

“Glass” #1


192A8309           192A8312 192A8332 192A8338 192A8354

“Glass” #2

192A8376 192A8378 192A8380 192A8402 192A8393 192A8397 192A8424


Another Hat to Highlight

This hat is called Temperate. It was recently released by Sweet Fiber. I have been drooling over the rest of their patterns and would love to try some of their yarn too. This was a super simple hat and one that I had a hard time putting down, it was a little addictive to knit! I love how the cables stand out against the reverse stockinette.
This hat will get a matching pair of fingerless mitts, also a really great pattern.

I used Malabrigo Rios. I hadn’t seen this colorway before but really love the results! It’s going to be hard to give this set away, but the recipient deserves it and much more!



192A6815            192A6837 192A6818  192A6844

Ravelry Project


Remember my crazy list of items I want to knit before Christmas? Well, I’ve made some great progress and I’m feeling pretty optimistic about making it happen. I have nearly 4 of the hats complete and a pair of fingerless mitts almost done. So far I’m loving all of the patterns. I’ll highlight each one separately and then friends and family can try to guess which one is for them :)


First up is Greyhaven, a slouchy, comfy hat. I highly recommend this as a quick knit. I was able to complete it in a day. I’ve discovered a new love for hat knitting. Instant gratification!




192A6879 192A6872


Ravelry ProjectYarn: Madelinetosh Vintage
Needles: Size US 7


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