Work in Progress: Chevrons

I just cast on this little chevron scarf which is not a written pattern at this point…but as soon as I finish knitting it will be!  Ill pass it on to all of you.

Knit in Nice & Knit DK – Anchor & Driftwood


Chevrons are everywhere, from drapes, tablecloths, clothing, pillows and scarves so I needed a knitted chevron garment to keep it trendy.




A Gift

We had the most wonderful shop opening this weekend. Really, we could not be more happy! It was so fun to see the many orders come in and we are so thankful for all of your kind words – so encouraging!

To top it off just right I was given this amazing Wool Leaves Afghan from my sister Betsy. She is the most generous knitter I know. She is always whipping up a afghan or baby blanket for her many friends and family. There are so many wee babies sporting her beautiful hand-knits. And now, my home is made more cozy and cheery with this incredible gift. Thank you so much Betsy! Made even more special is the fact that it is knitted in our very own Nice & Knit Worsted weight yarn.

Wool Leaves by Jared Flood in Nice & Knit Worsted – Dockside color way

wool (5 of 5)
Another of Betsy’s many talents is photography and these images are all hers.

wool (2 of 11)

wool (4 of 11)

wool (3 of 4)

I have come to realize that I am a very selfish knitter.  I knit for myself.  I’ve never given an afghan to anyone (I rarely finish one – although I have plenty started).  Now that I know how much it means, I hope I make one for someone one day as well.

wool (6 of 11)

wool (2 of 4)

We also have a gift for one of our new customers!  A $50.00 gift card to our shop goes to Etsy buyer: Lakchi  We will be sending that right out to you!  Congratulations and thank you for your order!


Project Inspiration

We’re so thrilled with the past 24 hrs and all of the kind words and feedback we received on our shop opening!  I heard a few times through the day that folks were scouring Ravelry looking for just the right project for the yarn, so I did a little scouring myself and thought I’d share a few projects that I love and thought would look pretty fantastic in some Nice & Knit yarn!

And don’t forget that today is the last day for Free Shipping and last day to enter our $50 Nice and Knit giftcard giveaway! Head on over to the shop.


The projects in the blue background are great worsted weight projects, the dark grey are DK weight projects and then pink are fingering weight projects (many of them are free patterns) and of course at the bottom we have some recommended color pairings!

The Projects:
1. Tupelo Slouch
2. Aftermath
3. Simple Ribbed Cowl
4. Chevron Baby Blanket
5. Stitch Block Cowl
6. Crossroads Hat
7. Dew Drop Cowl
8. One by One, Two by Two Scarf
9. Kaisa Votter
10. Downton Cowl
11. Duotone Cowl
12. Ashburn
13. Nangou

Or if you’ve already found the perfect project, leave a comment and let us know! We can’t wait to see what you’re going to cast on!

Nice & Knit Yarns Shop Highlights

Have you checked out our new Yarn Shop yet?  Here’s a few highlight colors.


(shown here in DK).  A real stunner.



100% superwash merino wool DK weight.






If you make a yarn purchase today or tomorrow you will get FREE SHIPPING, and who doesn’t love free shipping?!. And if that wasn’t enough, if you make a purchase from our shop on either day, you’ll also be entered to win a $50 Nice & Knit gift card!

We’re Open! Nice & Knit Hand-dyed Yarns

Visit our Shop at for our lovingly hand-dyed 100% super wash merino wool yarns in worsted, DK and fingering weights.

If you make a yarn purchase today or tomorrow you will get FREE SHIPPING, and who doesn’t love free shipping?!. And, if you make a purchase from our shop on either day, you’ll also be entered to win a $50 Nice & Knit gift card!  So hurry over and snag yourself a real treat.  You deserve it.


Color Profile: Nutmeg

CT_outlineThere are a few exceptions to our nautically-themed names for our yarns, but they all have some sort of significant meaning to us. One of those colors is ‘Nutmeg’.  We live in Connecticut, The Nutmeg State, where we’ve lived our whole lives. When Katie’s husband, Kevin, saw this color come out of the dye bath he named it right away. It was the perfect name, and we thought fit this color perfectly.


We have a few projects in the works in this color and I am so thrilled with how it looks knitted.  The first is a project my sister Colleen is working on called the Twisted Willow Cowl a free pattern on Ravelry. Photos also courtesy of Colleen – Thanks Coll!


IMG_2929(1) IMG_2924

And last week I shared with you my Mystic Comfort still in progress!


All 3 weights of Nutmeg are presented in this post, too! The very top photo is our Nice & Knit Fingering weight, Colleen’s project is done in Nice & Knit Worsted, and my Mystic Comfort pillow is being worked in Nice & Knit DK!

Color Profile: Salt Marsh

photo(14)In keeping with our nautically-themed color names for our yarns, we’ve dyed up a very springy goldish-green called ‘Salt Marsh’. Today, we’ll do a little color profile that includes the inspiration for the name, a project in process, and some great color pairings. And keep on reading, because there is some more good news to announce at the end of this post!

So first of all:  ‘Salt Marsh’. Where does that name come from?  Well, on our way to our favorite vacation spot of Wellfleet, Cape Cod you will drive past these beautiful salt marshes that inspired this original painting by Katie.

This was a color I couldn’t wait to cast on, because I felt it was really unique and I don’t have anything knit in a similar color. Something about this one that I just love.  So I cast on the Lowbrow cowl that I think is really beautiful. It’s also very easy so if you’re a beginner and wanting to try some lace work — this might be a good pattern for you.  I was able to quickly memorize the chart so it’s been a great piece to take with me in the car, or to quickly pick up and knit a few rows while Brooklyn takes her bath, or other random spare minutes I can find to work on it!


We have this color available in all 3 weights (Fingering, DK and Worsted) which will be available on Thursday!

192A4199 192A4261 192A5072

This color pairs really nicely with a light or dark gray and a light or dark blue too!


So, what’s the good news?

If you make a yarn purchase on either Thursday or Friday this week (March 6 or 7) you will get FREE SHIPPING, and who doesn’t love free shipping?!. And if that wasn’t enough, if you make a purchase from our shop on either of those days, you’ll also be entered to win a $50 Nice & Knit giftcard! So bookmark it and be ready!

Lovingly Hand Dyed Yarns from Nice & Knit

Good morning!

We’re happy to announce that we’re launching our very own line of hand-dyed yarns!


It has taken a lot of hard work for us to get here and we’re so happy it’s finally time to share it with the world. We’ll be opening our shop on Etsy for the first time this Thursday. There, you will find worsted, fingering or DK weight yarns, in our beautiful grays, blues and browns as well as some great spring colors – all hand-dyed with a lot of love.

This week we will continue to showcase our newest projects and colors so stay tuned for more information on our exciting news!

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Gap-tastic Cowl

IMG_8949 Recently I saw a beautiful Gap-tastic Cowl made by my friend Erin.  I couldn’t wait to cast on my own.   I was not disappointed at all..simple pattern, fast results.  Just what I need these days.  I had a lot of stash yarn to use in this minty green.  So I alternated weights as well as color to create a gradient effect.  IMG_8950 copy IMG_8955I wear this warm cozy cowl a lot this winter.  Hoping that so verrry soon I can put it away!  Its been great – but I’m done with this snow and cold.  IMG_8947We* are working on a large project at our house these days, I can not wait to share some before and after photos.

*We – also known as Kevin.  I am just a cheerleader.

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On the Needles

I cast on another Mystic Comfort pillow last night. Lately, it seems all my knitting has been hats and pillows so I also cast on for a cowl that I’ll share tomorrow!


And now these two projects have something in common, and no, it’s not just the table I used to photograph them on.

192A3573 192A4109

hint. hint.


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