A Long Overdue Post

There has been lots of knitting happening lately and we can’t wait to share it all with you. Before we do that, we have to recap our Fall Sweaters Knitalong! It is long overdue and we’re sorry it took such a long time to post it.  The knit along produced some really great gems and personally 2 new sweaters that I’m thoroughly enjoying wearing – but this isn’t about me – it’s about you, and the awesome work you did during the knitalong!



And then there was this.  Knitter Extraordinaire: nmujillybean
She set out to make a sweater for her husband, modeling it after something she had seen on eBay and simply made it up as she went along.  Impressive, right?! The craftsmanship of the sweater is outstanding!


Watch her Ravelry page, she mentioned turning this into a published pattern.  For your efforts Jill, we’re happy to present you with a $25 Starbucks card! Congrats. Send us your address and we’ll get this into the mail.

Thanks for joining.

Interested in another knitalong? What should we do? Hats, Mittens or Scarves? Vote!

Making a List and Checking It Twice

I took a few minutes to write down all the Christmas gifts I wanted to make this year.  It totaled to be:

10 hats
5 pair of fingerless Mitts
2 pair of leg warmers
1 cowl
1 Throw

Yeah, it’s Nov. 5th and I don’t think 1/2 of that will be happening. So, it’s time to check the list twice and find some alternatives. Some of the patterns I am considering are:


1 Camp Out Fingerless Mitts
2 Temperate
3 Welted Fingerless Gloves
4 Lucky
5 Gradient
6 Owl Ways Hat
7 Greystone

Did You Know?
Stitches East is this weekend at the Hartford, CT Convention center. I plan to stock up on the yarn I’ll need (and some yarn I don’t need, but will buy anyway).  Can’t wait!

Modeling the Sweetest Smocked Dress

Another knit I made while pregnant with Brooklyn was the sweetest Smocked Dress and now it’s even sweeter with her in it!192A5754

192A5729 192A5738

192A5745 192A5770 192A5724 192A5720

Pattern: Smocked Dress published in 60 Quick Baby Knits
Yarn: Malabrigo Arroyo
Ravelry Project

Happy Friday!

Temperate from Sweet Fiber Yarns

Good morning! There is a real chill in the air these days.  The crisp mornings always kick start my knitting.

Sweet Fiber Yarns recently released some beautiful – actually stunning patterns.  The minute Kara showed me this Temperate hat pattern I had to raid my stash and cast on. I had some Madelinetosh in Nebula just waiting for me. IMG_8696

This is a super fast, easy to memorize and extremely well written pattern.

The Sweet Fiber Yarns store is closed right now, but I would love to scoop some of that up as well!IMG_8699

Check out these patterns by Melissa Thomson on Ravelry.  I think there are great holiday knitting ideas!
Screen Shot 2013-10-30 at 9.06.09 AM

Baby Bloomsbury

I believe this was the last project I finished before Brooklyn joined our family. Can you believe that was already 8 months ago?!? I simply cannot. I love watching her grow up – not only is it a ton of fun, but she now fits into some handknits I made when I was pregnant! This project is Baby Bloomsbury, a mini version of the Bloomsbury sweater that Katie made. It’s done in Madelinetosh Pashmina. Yes, that means my baby wears cashmere (well, 10% cashmere anyway).

I have to give a huge shout out to Katie for watching Brooklyn yesterday while I was at work and for taking these awesome pictures for me!  Thanks, Kate!!

b  192A6501 copy 192A6499

192A6536 copy 192A6479 copy 192A6468 192A6439

Cabled Hats

I’m happy to report that I have found little pockets of time in my day that I dedicate to knitting.  It has translated to making great progress on old projects like my Honey Sweater and a few new knit hats for Brooklyn – finding time to blog about my knitting has been another story! :)

I had almost an entire skein of Madelinetosh Vintage left over from my Dressage project. Not sure how it happened but happy that it did because it’s getting cold here in New England and Brooklyn needed some hats.  I cast-on some stitches, did some quick math and made up 2 different baby hat patterns. I have one more that I have in my head that I want to make. Once I do, I’ll size them both up and down for smaller babies and bigger kids and then post them here.  It was fun and they should be easy to do!

Brooklyn is enjoying wearing them and I’m all too happy to take her picture!  photo(18) photo 2  fdeTf          yu9b4 9twEm Nsr3Z

rqsO7   mGWjo

61MgzpfC8LvssAm i9k4Y7OJ9E Yalqg 4l0M5

Dressage is Done

I was able to finish Dressage last week. I was very worried that it was going to be far too small and I’d never wear it — that’s never a fun way to finish a project! But, with nothing to lose, I decided to aggressively block it and really stretch it before pinning it down. Turns out it worked – and maybe wasn’t quite as necessary as I had originally thought. It’s so interesting how the fibers change once they’ve been wet!  The end result? I LOVE this sweater!


MIzPq 8QfXH    2kYTR


Pattern: Dressage
Yarn: Madelinetosh TOSH Vintage
Color: Nightbloom
Ravelry Project

I need your help though, how do I prevent this from happening? Just hold the yarn a little tighter coming out of the cable? It always seems to happen to me on the left side of a cable. Thoughts, tips, advice….all welcome!


One Down, One to Go!

Chance of Showers is on the blocking board!

192A5347 192A5349 192A5351 192A5352 192A5357 192A5364

This means one fall sweater is done for the Nice & Knit Fall Sweaters knitalong and I have just one more to go. I have to finish the sleeves on Dressage by Saturday — I’ll get it done! So excited to have 2 new sweaters to wear!

Reality vs Ambition

It’s been craziness at the Zahner household.  When my boys were little I remember thinking (and daydreaming) about all of the free time I would have once they began school.  I think the moment you become a mother, your time ceases to be your own.  I know that this is how it should be, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.  big sigh.

Between working a lot, lunches, homework, soccer, basketball, reading logs, reminders to brush your teeth, gym clothes, permission slips, fund raisers, LAUNDRY and throwing together some excuse of a dinner, I get to knit!  So needless to say, there is limited time.  I get all excited about knitting a sweater in a month, and then reality hits.  Similar to my goal of finishing an afghan before my new sofas arrived in 8 weeks.  That didn’t happen either!  My sofas from Kloter Farms are really lovely, and my afghan will be an amazing addition once it is completed. IMG_8679 Wool Leaves by Jared Flood knit in  Shibui Staccatio

IMG_8673Pic from instagram
photo[11] copy

IMG_8672The Raglan Sleeve pullover by Laura Zukaite I began is a beauty, but it is slow going.  IMG_8691There are three charts to keep track of, and I keep messing up.  I’ve ripped it out twice and began again.  It is not difficult knitting, the pattern just needs concentration.IMG_8675

So, to be able to finish a project for our sweater knitalong, I picked up my Honey again.  Mindless stockinette is perfect for my life right now.  I think the moral of the story is not to put deadlines on knitting.  It is for relaxation and not for stress.  Be ambitious, but realistic.3yarn

I also need to remember that these days are flying by.  I need to savor them and enjoy these boys.  They are most important.boys

And the reality of our days looks a lot more like this:192A1504

Freak Out

I spent most of last week working on my Chance of Showers sweater but I had a minor freak out Sunday evening when I realized there was no possible way that I was going to have enough yarn to finish. I cannot imagine putting in all of the time and effort into this sweater and then not having enough yarn to finish it!

So I started searching — one store didn’t carry the colorway, another didn’t carry it at all.  My options were pretty limited until I checked eBay! Get this — not only did I find it in the right color, but the right dye lot too! PHEW! It should be sitting at my house waiting for me when I get out of work today, which is perfect timing because I bound off last night and all I have left to finish is the neckline.


The rows were long but so worth it. I love this sweater and it fits perfect!  I cannot wait to block it and share some FO pictures!


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