A Sweet Mistake

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I saw this recipe for  Chocolate Covered Strawberry Cheesecake on Pinterest this past Friday and thought it would be perfect for family dinner on Sunday since my sister Colleen had invited us, asked me to bring dessert and reminded me how much they like cheesecake! Saturday night I took a trip to Sam's club to get all the ingredients and woke up early Sunday morning to get the dessert made in time so that it would have time to cool. I got everything done (including the dishes) in time to go to church where I bragged to my mother about the fancy dessert I made.  My mother looked at me confused that I would make so much dessert for just my husband and I and then realizing what was going on said "uhhhh, Kara? That's NEXT Sunday." .... Yep, I made the dessert for the wrong week. It was worth it. This dessert is very creamy and delicious and rich like cheesecake should be. I had even made a pumpkin pie before I knew I had the wrong week. And out of spite, once I had my dates all straight, I decided to make a batch of chocolate covered strawberries too. Thanks Mom for setting me straight before I showed up at their front door!

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  • Betsy: September 26, 2016

    Now I’m really wishing we could have made it last nite… Looks scrumptious, Kara!

  • Cheryl: September 26, 2016

    Looks wonderful! It was very hard to tell you but you took it so well and the desserts look like they were scrumptious. Can’t wait to see what we have next week!

  • Ashley: September 26, 2016

    Wish we could have made it last night! Everything looked delish!!

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  • Lydia: September 26, 2016

    hahaha, That sounds exactly like something I would do. The cake looks delicious and I will be sure to try out that recipe very soon.

  • Colleen: September 26, 2016

    Well we did make it and was it ever DELICIOUS! Sorry you all couldn’t make it but we came home with a few slices each. I must say that our dessert for next Sunday will be EXCELLENTE! Thanks again kee.

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