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There's a lot of things I love about running this blog with my sister, but near the very top of my list is our common knack for having boundless lists of ideas.   See, we both score nearly off the charts in ideaphoria. What's ideaphoria you ask? Thanks to Wikipedia for the definition it is: " an experience where one feels a constant onslaught of new ideas, creating a euphoric state of idea creation." Yup, that explains the constant state of our brains pretty well.  A simple idea, when bounced off the other, can spiral pretty quickly into an endless list of ideas.  The unfortunate side-affect of having high ideaphoria is that there simply aren't enough hours in a single day to accomplish or execute on all of them, but as a marketing guru and a designer tag-team, we are able to make some of these ideas come to life pretty quickly and have a ton of fun while doing it. Case in point is our new postcards.  Our yarn is so personal to us – with every skein being hand-dyed with a whole lotta love by Katie and I  – we wanted to make sure that the fiber artists who make something with our yarn feel that personal connection to us.  The idea of including a postcard with a note from the two of us on the back was one of those ideas that randomly came up and a few hours later, came to life. Front: 192A0528 Back: 192A0533 Which brings me back to my original thought.  The reason I love running this blog with my sister is that so many of the ideas we come up with are made possible by working together and not likely to happen if we tried to do them independently. It's a team effort here at Nice & Knit. She's there for me not just to share ideas with but to share the load, too! Thanks Kate! And a special thanks to Betsy Jo Photography for capturing some pictures that we absolutely love!

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Jacquline Cappuccino
Jacquline Cappuccino

September 26, 2016

I run a blog with my sister too and I agree, the problem with ideaphoria is that they’re aren’t enough hours left in the day!

Also, I love the postcard. They’re clever and adorable. :D

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