Mystic Comfort Pillow: Take 2

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I was lucky enough to test knit the Mystic Comfort Pillow for Katie. I am thrilled with this design. It was a very fun knit and a little addicting. I would have to force myself to put it down and go to bed at night. It is a quick knit. The total time including blocking & seaming took me about 2 weeks to complete.  The pattern is easy to understand & follow and it's also easy to memorize I used Malabrigo Arroyo (review here) on a size 6 needle.  The pattern calls for a 7 but I know that I knit more loosely than Katie, so I dropped down a needle size to obtain gauge.  This yarn is magic on this size needle. I can easily call this one of my most favorite knits! This will not be the last time I knit this pattern.

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  • Lynn: September 26, 2016

    I’ve admired this pillow from the first day it was posted a few months ago, I don’t know how to cable but would love to try and make this. What can you suggest for good You Tube videos ? Thanks

  • Alison: September 26, 2016

    This is also a great gift idea. I don’t know anyone who wouldn’t want one of these beautiful pillows on their couch. ;)

  • Shara: September 26, 2016

    You ladies never fail to amaze!

  • Vicky: September 26, 2016

    Just bought the pattern and can’t wait to go to my LYS and get the yarn. Love cables and love knitting pillows…can’t wait to get started!

  • Betsy: September 26, 2016

    I’m already working on the pattern after it came out yesterday. ’Really enjoying it! Just learned cables last week courtesy of You Tube- they are so fun! Thanks for the pattern, Katie. Your pillow looks so nice, Kara!

  • Lynn: September 26, 2016

    Thanks so much!!!

  • krstanley: September 26, 2016

    Hi Lynn,

    I looked around and there are a lot of videos but many of them give you quite a bit more information than you need to know. This video here it’s really quick and simple. I think you’ll get the idea! If not, I’d be happy to create something and post it for you. Let me know!

  • Lynn: September 26, 2016

    What You Yube video to you watch for cable stitch?

  • melinda: September 26, 2016

    Me either Shara!!!

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