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Betsy graduated last night and we're all so proud.  We're having just a little party for her this evening and in preparation I ran a few searches on Pinterest for party ideas.  I was so excited to find this idea and thank whoever thought of this originally. You need a few simple ingredients: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups Miniatures Lollipop Sticks York Peppermint Pieces (her school colors are blue & white) Ghirardelli Chocolate Squares Icing (I bought pre-made in black so it would be hidden) Bakery boxes (poke holes in the top) for display Snippets of yarn for the tassle. If you think of an edible option for a tassle, let me know! I couldn't find one at the grocery store, but now that I think of it...maybe a dyed, cooked spaghetti noodle? If you have a graduate or are attending a graduation party in the near future these are quick and easy!

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  • Cheryl: September 26, 2016

    These turned out perfect! They look great and so much fun!

  • Donna: September 26, 2016

    What a great idea … these are soooo cute!

  • craftsbythesea: September 26, 2016

    Looks great, I only wish we could get the peanut butter cups here as I love them.

  • Jill C.: September 26, 2016

    I can’t always find them, and it would depend on what colors you want, but what about those Twizzler (I think) twisty strings that you pull apart for the tassels? It seems like they come in fruity colors, but again, I can’t remember the last place I saw to buy them so maybe this isn’t such a great suggestions. ALSO, I finished the scarf that I knit with the yarn I won in March (orange, magenta, & purple). I’ll email some pictures of it soon. =)

  • mikibarnesphotography: September 26, 2016

    I love this idea!!! too cute! I will make this for my husband!!!

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