Waving the White Flag

December 04, 2014 3 Comments

Ok! I surrender.  I have a really long list of Christmas Knitting and I've come to the realization is that it's just not all going to happen!  I hate admitting that because I really, really love giving handmade knits as Christmas Gifts, but we only have 3.5 weeks left until Christmas and my list is too ambitious. I typically thrive under deadlines and sort of need them to complete a project, but for some reason this year they were freaking me out! I was hoping to finish:
  • An afghan
  • 3 pairs of fingerless mitts
  • 3 cowls and or caplets
  • 2 pillows
  • a poncho
  • 2 toddler vests
  • a baby sweater
  • a Christmas sweater for Brooklyn
Haha, you can say I'm a dreamer!  I'll still do my best to finish the afghan (Girasole) and then pick off a few of those smaller/faster projects but I'm also going to start thinking about plan B for each. Maybe I'll manage to make a ton of knitted birthday gifts for next year to make up for it! Girasole grows... 192A7226 ... And one pair of mitts is complete...   [gallery type="square" size="medium" ids="6898,6897,6896"] ...and  I recently finished a really cute test knit that I can' share yet but wanted to share just a really cool sneak peek.  So I HAVE been productive and I'm going to take that as my consolation for not finishing my original list. 192A7206

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September 26, 2016

Hmm… I am just about to start my Christmas knitting in earnest. Let battle commence!


September 26, 2016

Kara! All so beautiful. You’re not alone in this, although I’m afraid I have yet to wave the white flag. Although I should…

Checking My List Twice | Nice and Knit
Checking My List Twice | Nice and Knit

September 26, 2016

[…] which only means I’m ADDING to my list instead of subtracting. Not smart, remember I said I surrendered? I lied. Sorry, it wasn’t intentional I just can’t help myself! So here’s the […]

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