LYKKE Indigo Interchangeable Needle Set

A few months back we took the plunge and purchased our own set of the LYKKE driftwood interchangeable needles and we haven't looked back since. We've tried them all -- really all different needles and these are our favorite to work with and really, our favorite to look at! They're so beautiful too!  When we saw that LYKKE was coming out with an indigo set we just had to scoop a bunch of sets so that we can share with you!

The interchangeable set includes 5" tips in 12 sizes, US4-US17, and comes in a grey faux denim fold-up case with elastic that's perfectly matched to the size of each needle pair for a snug fit. The large pocket contains 5 cords (two 24", two 32", one 40"), 4 keys, 2 cord connectors and 4 stoppers.

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